New Super Smash Bros Brawl trailer shows first gameplay featuring Fox

At the Japanese Nintendo World 2006 event, a new Super Smash Bros Brawl trailer was shown.

The this morning filmed footage confirms series regular Fox returns as his Starfox Command version. Characters can now crawl. New stages include Pit's with crumbling platforms and more...

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Rockman4460d ago

Is this really someting important? Come on now

ChickeyCantor4460d ago

if it was one of your fav. games you would be excited about it, so dont give the "Is this really someting important? Come on now " crap.

Rockman4460d ago

i'm not knocking the game, i love that game to death. I'm just saying the fact that fox is on the game in some different form isn't some big piece of news. it would be different if they were announcing someone new like snake again. other than that i'm just ready to play the game.

spartan112g4460d ago

I died and went to heaven. One of my favorite games looking better than ever. I cant wait to play this. Go Pikachu! haha

PS360WII4460d ago

Now that's a game to get excited about. I put so many hours into Smash Bros. Melee have all the trophies! I hated episode 51... that was my last one to get. Anyways, when this comes out in the US it'll be all good.

marionz4460d ago

ok well i want this game, but do you have to play it with the remote/nunchuck? because that would suck, if i dont have the option to play games with a standard pad then i think ill just forget about the wii, cool lookin console but obviously one for the kiddies, i wanna play zelda tho

kmis874460d ago

I remember the lead designer saying that the motion control probably won't be implemented in the game, so I would say there's a very good chance of the gamecube controller being compatible.