Saudi Arabia: Religious leaders attack video games

Saudi religious leaders have attacked a popular video game, used mainly by children.

According to the Arab TV network al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia's minister of Islamic affairs has sent a newsletter to all imams in the country, warning about the 'dangers' that could result from using the popular Playstation video game.

"They are dangerous games, because they teach the wrong thing to children," read the newsletter.

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Rikitatsu3832d ago

Games like GTA , GOW , and other games like that were being Sold to childern without even caring !

thank you religious police ,

Hydrolex3832d ago

to violate.

Video games never make a kid go kill someone.

These are just stupid reasons.

Timesplitter143832d ago

Videogames do no harm

Religion, by definition, converts your mind into something else than your true self, and as a result is the most effective way to litter your mind and to prove to everyone how much you are ignorant and not able to think by yourself. Religions have been the #1 cause of wars and genocides in all history.

IMO they should just STFU. Religious hypocrisy...

robep33831d ago

Religion has warped more minds than any other thing and that's the real TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DarK-SilV3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

this site is full of racist

Jinxstar3831d ago

First off. Religion has nothing to do with race.

Second off.... I have been in the army. How many people here who have never had former military training would know how to fire and M16. There is a lot more too it then you think. No game I have ever seen covers these details and to think that you get realistic kick and pop from a game like Call of Duty is insane. However I could see islams not liking that game.

Third I do have a religion but because it is not a world religious power like catholsism or islam I might be considered a religious minority as I believe in Asatru and our beliefs are about setting the example by being able to control your own actions and being strong. If you play a game with your son/daughter and teach them right from wrong a game should have no bearing on how they are unless they themselves have a mental disorder.

Fourth I believe it's none of any religious persons business to tell others how to raise their kids. They can warn their own church/ mosque/ place of worship if they so choose but stay out of my business. It's none of your affair "Looks at Jack Thompson"

Play B3yond3831d ago

Anyone else find this ironic how Saudi Arabia is saying videogames are violent?

(Hint: think terrorism)

robep33831d ago

Damn right i dont have religion the biggest & longest running con in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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GutZ313832d ago

this is old news. But again, this is a country still deep in religion as its rules.
In fact, if you want to know where 97% of religious terrorist groups are formed, look no farther then Saudi Arabia.

*Note, I still believe 9/11 has more to do with our government then we are told. And black water has a hand in it, as well as the bush administration. Check see what bushs job was before president, he was an oil tycoon, and how did he get his money to start his business? He borrowed from a family, in Saudi Arabia, Named... Ben Ladin...*

Rikitatsu3832d ago

1st: what does this have to do with the news? the news says that they attack violent games which are given to children (no ESRB rating there)

2nd: seriously you don't know anything... most of the suicide bombers come from syria, Jordan , there is some from Saudi arabia , but not the majorty

3rd: true resistance fighters (not suicide bombers) kicked the marines ass, * goes to continue watching the Baghdad sniper videos * , back! yeah u got ur ass kicked

lodossrage3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

But true resistance fighters kicking marine butt?

Not from what I saw. (btw I'm no patriot before anyone says something smart)

But anyway yeah Gutz, some of the things you said are somewhat true. But yeah like riki just said, some of it does seem a bit ignorant

Twilightx73832d ago

Did you seriously just cheer on someone killing an American soldier? Or someone killing someone else, period? People like you deserve to burn.

Xlll3832d ago

Riki that is the lamest thing i have seen some one post today. If you want to talk about Snipers the canadain snipers made short work of those "true resistance fighters" you speak of.

Bloodwar3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

This is sad. These same nut jobs that speak of the harm of video games to the kids are also having women beaten for showing too much skin or imprisoned because some guy glanced at her in a mall. What was the point of even having this story? They have more severe issues they have to take care of. Such as text books that teach their kids in school to hate the west, even though they are allies with Europe and the US. My source:


GutZ313831d ago

Rikitatsu, and pretty much everyone else I guess, My post wasn't a cheap shot at Saudi Arabia, I was actually trying to show how corrupt the United States' government really is(I am American).
I don't believe Saudi's are "every terrorist ever made", I said that
its where "where 97% of religious terrorist groups are formed".
Formed in my words, means created, or organized. This doesn't mean every person that is Saudi, it says that pretty much every terrorist that wants to get something done goes to Saudi Arabia, mainly for money reasons.
That other 3% that I didn't speak about, you can imagine the areas of the world, I don't have to give them away.

If your calling me ignorant, it may just be that you took one look and didn't understand my opinion, and what I was really trying to show.
Take a look at the attached video to get a little bit of what I'm saying, and correct what is a miss if you have more information that it does not.

Moto133831d ago

First, most terrorists don't come from Syria, they do in fact come from Saudi Arabia. Look how many terrorists they caught thus far and look how many of them are from Saudi Arabia vs. Syria or Jordan. Most are from Saudi Arabia.

Gutz,As far as the US government involvment in 9/11, you kids are truly ignorant and don't know a thing about life. I am an Arab who was born and lived in the middle east for my first 17 years of my life and now live in the US. I have looked into the 9/11 incident deeply and watched all of youtube/google consiparacy videos, and no they are as stupid as they come when they say that the government is involved.

Bottom line is that, these filthy terrorists need to be brought to justice and they are the ones who caused 9/11 without the need to say that the government is involved. It's good to question the government but it is not true that they were involved.

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Hydrolex3832d ago

Most gamers are from: U.S,Europe and east Asia

killer_trap3832d ago

you fail

3831d ago
PR0NE3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

o_O i can see that most people here can only see one side of the coin...

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nutjuice3832d ago

360 is American they hate Americans. But I guess since it's so hot over there kids can't play the 360.

killer_trap3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

we don't have any problems buying American cars. and we don't hate americans!!!!!!!! we just hate your government.

Hagaf223832d ago

i think their use of "playstation" is a generalization of video games, i think the high sales of ps2 kinda put the term "playstation" synonymous with video games.

killer_trap3832d ago

i was thinking about the second part of your post. i wonder if the rrod percentage is higher in ksa!!!!! i never really thought about it.

cmrbe3832d ago

which concluded that there is a link between mental illness and playing video games.

on topic i am not surprise that a religious leader is attacking video games. Imagine a religious leader that is a gamer. For some reason i think that would be odd.

ianp6223832d ago

I would too.

Although there are studies that show religiosity is correlated with a lower IQ. It's religion that teaches the wrong things to children, not video games.

Rikitatsu3832d ago

yea, thats why i met 4 dumb Seculars today

ianp6223832d ago

I never said that there are no dumb secularists, I just cited the results of numerous studies. This isn't the place to argue about it though, I was just going off of the mental-illness to video game relationship.

Lumbo3831d ago

Would you care to provide a link to your "numerous studies" or did you make that up out of thin air ?

i place my bet on the 2nd option

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