Xbox One: New video demonstrates customisable dashboard and personal Kinect profiles

Microsoft's latest video shows how the next-gen console will be able to become personalised for each user

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GiantEnemyCrab2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

So the extend of customization is you can pin things?

Lame video and lame customization. I know there has to be more. Also, is that the guy I should yell at for all the awful XB1 ideas you guys throw at the wall and see if it sticks? The faux hawk and glasses are a dead giveaway. You can tell XB1 UI was designed by hipsters and the avatars by metrosexuals.

I know this doesn't sound like it is coming from an XB fan but it is.

GmIsOnPt3602775d ago

You can customize pins,color of tiles , your favorite channels on the "one guide" as well as favorite apps on one guide.its launch my dude simmer down hahah

rela82me2775d ago

You sound like a whole new level of butt hurt, there is nothing about the UI that has anything to do with sexuality or styles of fads.

malokevi2775d ago


I thought it was a nice, informative little video. Cute girl, to boot.

felidae2775d ago

still better than NO customization ;)

looks really great!

Palaven2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


How much can you customize the PS4 dashboard? Oh yeah, that's right, you can't. I guess Sony couldn't find anyone who knew how to add customization options into the dashboard. /s

nasnas762775d ago

at least they have spam box notifications on your friend's activities

Gamer6662775d ago

There was a lot in that video...

1) Customize pins
2) Resuming games exactly where you left off quickly
3) Digital downloads are available on every console you sign into as soon as they have downloaded enough to be playable
4) I can customize my gameplay and entertainment app experience by snapping other apps to the side
5) Changing the colors of pins
6) Kinect automatically recognizes who you are so when you talk it gives you your custom dashboard

Crap, I don't think you even watched the video.

GiantEnemyCrab2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Sorry, yes that sounded harsh. You have to excuse me, I was a huge fan of the blades and I thought they could have moved in that direction instead of the whole Win 8 metro UI. I still have a grudge against them making my purchased wallpapers worthless when they made the first big graphical change. Yeah, I guess a bit "butt hurt" over that..

The snap stuff, the channel guides all excellent stuff. I should have been more specific in my rant. I will see it all for myself this Friday.

And yes, you are right the PS4 customization as far as color and backgrounds is nothing. But I assume they will both evolve with the next FW updates.

I meant to say "extent" and not "extend" in my original post.

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TomahawkX2775d ago

This is painful to watch, like a late-night infomercial...

kennyg37392775d ago

almost as painful as you wasting my time on this comment.

Godz Kastro2775d ago

Im sure it will allow you to do more than allow you to adjust pins.

feraldrgn2775d ago

0:26 - 0:37 hilariously embarrasing situation Microsoft has created for themselves there.

I like the way the UI loads, pretty cool looking.
But I'm not a fan of Windows 8 & Metro design.

Studio-YaMi2775d ago

It bite them hard,they had to do this & make things clear for their consumers or there will be a very large drop in sales,it's already being said that the PS4 has much more appeal consumer wise.

The UI looks cool.

Disagree2775d ago

excited for nextgen and all the new multimedia features on both consoles (seamless switching to different apps and games, streaming, ect.) but...I cant afford to spend 400-500+ dollars on games right now. sooooo...

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