OXM UK: Why Need for Speed: Rivals, not Forza 5, is my Xbox One racer of choice

"It's nothing personal, Turn 10. I have no doubt your Xbox One launch exclusive will prove a glorious, boundary-pushing racer. I'm sure the very sight of Forza 5 in motion will cause my optic nerves to fizzle up and curl in on themselves, like snakes thrown onto a bonfire. A relative scarcity of day one cars aside, nothing I've read or heard about your game makes me think it won't be worthy of my time. Quite the contrary - I'm worried I won't be worthy of your time." [OXM UK]

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come_bom2771d ago

Forza 5, or Gran Turismo 6 for that matter, are driving simulators (kind of).
Need for Speed: Rivals is a arcade racer.

Everybody have their gaming preferences.

GodGinrai2771d ago

I agree. I will have both by Xmas. One is a sim style racer with the focus on race craft. the other offers a more hollywood experience with its car chases and over the top action. Plenty of room for both at launch ;)

TearsOfARapper2771d ago

I do enjoy both sim and arcade racers as I'll often buy both Forza and Need for Speed (only Hot Pursuit and recent though). It definitely is a preference thing. However, in terms of next-gen experience I actually think Need for Speed really steps it up big from the predecessors with the single/online mesh as well as graphically. I'll be picking this up and grabbing Forza in the spring probably.

GearSkiN2771d ago

I enjoy arcade racer but they only last you a year till the next one

Boody-Bandit2771d ago

Any word whether or not this game will have FFB wheel support?