OPM UK Driveclub PS4 preview – PS4′s horsepower leaves MotorStorm in the dust

OPM UK - It was going to jump-start next-gen racing, but instead Driveclub’s spending a bit of extra time in R&D (the full story on Driveclub’s delay to early 2014 here), letting Need For Speed: Rivals take the plunge. It was never supposed to be this way: the Cheshire-based studio’s PS3 launch title, MotorStorm, signalled the first powerslides and barrel rolls of this generation, setting an impressive graphical benchmark along the way with giant draw distances, impressive motion blur (if a tad heavy-handed for modern tastes) and detailed damage modelling.

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Destrania2775d ago

This game's going to be great.

MrDead2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I'm looking forward to Drive Club but I would still love a new MotorStorm, for all the people that didn't purchase any of these outstanding games I will blame you if there is not a new one in development...... and you will not be coming to my birthday party.... :(

Kurisu2775d ago

I'm getting a PS3 just after Christmas and I'm going to get Apocalypse. I bought the original and pacific rift but only got around to playing the demo for that one.

MrDead2775d ago

Good lad, your invite’s in the post.

It’s a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors themed party, so come as your favourite character.

Blastoise2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Pacific Rift was the best racing game I played last gen. Shame it didn't get recognised so much.

PS. You can have a funny bubble XD

Kurisu2775d ago

I'm glad it's sliding more towards arcade as the "less realistic" approach towards arcade racers is what makes a racing game fun for me.

sigfredod2775d ago

my first racer for my PS4

Nes_Daze2775d ago

I want a next gen burnout after this game...jus saying.

Kurisu2775d ago

I'd love a return to a more traditional Burnout such as 3: Takedown. Paradise was good but I thought it missed that "Burnout" feel of the PS2 games.

ambientFLIER2774d ago

I wasn't thrilled about the open world Burnout.