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"Need For Speed: Rivals is the upcoming racing video game from EA under the Need For Speed label. The title has players racing around the streets of a small mountainous town as either a Racer or a Cop, in an integrated experience that is intended to thrill. Earlier, us here at Attack On Gaming were invited to a preview session with EA Australia to go hands on with the game. During our session, we were given roughly four hours with the game to mess around, do the storyline and have fun." - Attack On Gaming

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xavierbigdaddy19722775d ago

EA still does not get it. Worse company ever. Stil no customize on the cars, but stupid stickers. Way to go EA.

OokuChicken2775d ago

They could have expanded the customisation part, but it seems like they were hinting at being able to do a bit more. "We’re not sure if the build we played had all of the customisation options, but we could lay down stickers, paint the car and the like. If you’ve played previous iterations of Need For Speed, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the games customisation."