PS4 is 'play' NOT 'station' 'We spread ourselves a little bit too thin', admits Sony console brains

The goals of Sony's PlayStation 4 were rewritten from the ground up after the company "spread itself too thin" when developing the PlayStation 3. So said Dominic Mallinson, Sony's veep of R&D for Playstation, speaking at the AMD developers conference, in San José, California, on Wednesday.

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BBBirdistheWord2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I think the ps3 is fab. I disagree that Sony spread themselves too thin.

In fact it was all the extra features (bluray, browser.. etc) that eventually made me buy one.
It's a great machine.

I certainly hope they haven't gimped the ps4 in other areas to make it more focused on pumping pixels.

FamilyGuy2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Same here, all those extra features were the main reason why I bought a PS3. I loved that it could do so much.

Blue tooth
Blu Ray
Built in wifi
Dvd play back
Audio play back
Photo slide show
digital media playback, including HD videos
Save media content directly to the HDD
HDD in every model
Internet browser
Downloading media files straight to the hdd from the internet browser
Card readers for media playback and backing up save files
External Usb hdd support
The other O/S was cool for some but I never used it
Free demos
Free online play
video chat
Rechargeable wireless (blue tooth) controllers
Blue Tooth headset support
Keyboard and mouse support
Printer support

All that AND it played PS3 games.

I was a fan of everything about the system before I picked one up and have been enjoying it ever since.
It really did do everything.

CrossingEden2775d ago

Um, more than half of those were also features on 360 that worked better, like seriously? Free demos and dvd playback are accolades? -_-

lsujester2775d ago

Worked better on over half.. what? The 360 didn't even have a lot of these features, and even more were locked behind a paywall, like many of the demos were.

Utalkin2me2774d ago


Instead of saying that the 360 has/had half of those features and worked better. Were waiting for you to start listing some and reasons why it is better.

FamilyGuy2774d ago

Where in my post do you see me comparing the PS3 to the 360???

My list is "things the PS3 could do", it's not some comparison for a fanboy war. It definitely did more than the 360 but that wasn't a point whatsoever. If anything I was comparing it to the PS3s predecessor, the PS2. The PS3 could do soooo much more that getting a PS3 was a huge leap in every aspect, not just HD gaming.

Anyway, define "better"?
I don't see a single shared feature (few as they are) that I listed that was "better" on the 360.

I have a strong feeling you won't reply, lol.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

sorry to cut in...AHEM..but they did. But I'm 100% confident that all missing features from the good ol ps3 will return along with many new ones.

mattnz2775d ago

I agree with you that back a few years these features were great, both the PS3 and 360 could handle most of your multimedia needs. But it's a different world now, chromecast is $35 and I have a Mac hooked up to my TV, the TV also runs apps and I have a tablet that wireless streams to my entertainment system. When I turn on my PS3 and 360 now it's to play games, I'd be more than happy to see them focus and give me the best gaming experience available in my living room.

BBBirdistheWord2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

@ mattnz

yeah i see what you are saying, but let's tak it a step beyond.

I also have my laptop hooked up to the TV. I also have a TV with an inbuilt android OS. My laptop and TV run apps and I have a tablet that streams to my entertainment system, just like you.

Unlike you, though, I also have a dedicated gaming PC that completely flattens the xbo and ps4 in terms of pure gaming capability.

I value my next console for the complete entertainment experience it provides. Truth be told, if you are relying on next gen consoles to provide your peak gaming experience, I would suggest you will be disappointed. Consoles are always a compromise, fanboys rhetoric notwithstanding.

The best gaming experience (even in the living room) will be via PC. That's a no brainer.

Having said that, I value the all in one solution afforded by gaming consoles that don't pretend their inevitable compromise is akin to pure gaming bliss.

mattnz2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

*sent from my gaming PC. (I did specify the living room!) If you're after the all in one box then that's cool, I just think there is better options out there now for far less money. Give me the right tool to do the job I say, TV and music is going to find a million ways into your home, gaming is still special and there's nothing wrong with a dedicated device (or three).

Bigpappy2774d ago

Sony wanted too badly to beat M$ to reveal. They ended up not giving developers time to be really creative with the new consoles. Having to force out games for launch resulted in them being less that desirable especially in the gameplay.

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KimoNoir2775d ago

Very humble of Mr. playstation to talk about this at APU.

nevin12775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I agree with Family Guy.

The PS went for "It Does Everything" to "It Only Does Nothing Extra"

Cryptcuzz2775d ago

You say you agreed with Family Guy yet your comment shows otherwise.
What is your problem and why are you in a PS thread making another smart ass comment again?

"It only does nothing extra" that is what you said and really?

Could you tell me what other gaming console was able to play Blu Ray movies? I said Blu Ray not HD-DVD okay?

Could you also tell me what other gaming console was able to play online games for free?

Palaven2775d ago

Read the comment again. He is saying the PS3 was "It Does Everything" but now the PS4 is "It Only Does Nothing Extra".

Cryptcuzz2774d ago

@ Palaven

"All those extra features were the main reason why I bought a PS3"

That was what FamilyGuy said, notice the reference to the PS3? Hence the topic at at the moment was about about the PS3 and not the PS4. Why would he reply with a comment about the PS4 when the guys above are talking about the PS3?

BOLO2774d ago

Xbox One..."It only does TV and 720p"

alexkoepp2775d ago

I disagree, the station is what made a PS3 a great buy for me, if it was just play i would have never purchased it, its a step back with them removing some of that functionality

komp2775d ago

I remember back in the day people referred to it as the DELAYSTATION...

haha... looking back - it was fun times...

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