Ubisoft Breaks Down Game Sales By Platform - PS3 Rises And Wii Drops

Which video game consoles do the people running a giant publisher like Ubisoft like the most?

Possibly the ones on which they can sell the most games.

Yesterday, as part of a sales announcement , the "Assassin's Creed" and "Rainbow Six" publisher released statistics that show just which consoles help move the most games.

Ubisoft didn't disclose raw sales figures but did reveal the percentage of the company's game sales on each platform.

Lessons learned: Given that the PlayStation 3 accounted for 20% of the company's sales last year, it's clearly a meaningful machine to Ubisoft. But maybe not as much as the Xbox 360 and the DS, which contributed 26% each.

And what did the Wii do for Ubisoft last year?

You don't want to know.

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Chitown712913830d ago

Now developers will see that they can make exclusive games for the PS3. They will probally see what can happen when you take your time with the PS3, after Metal Gear Solid 4 releases (which is probally gonna push about 3-4 systems.) It will also sell about 7-8 million copies easily.

cmrbe3830d ago

The majority of devs knew that it was just a matter of time for the PS3 to regain its dominance. If a non pro analyst like me could see it coming. Big publishers like Ubi would definitely see it as well. This is basically what Sony was saying last year when there were doubts about the PS3 software selling Ability. Stick with the program and you will be rewarded in the long term and not just immediate gains.

Big publishers look at the long term viability of consoles and not just how software are selling this early in the console war. The PS3 they know is future proof and Sony has demonstrated that they do support their consoles for the long haul. As we go forth. The non standard HD and smaller disc space will only make developing more complex games on the x360 alot harder. As for the PS3. The learning curve may be hard and the initial dev cost is expensive but in the long run it will pay dividends as they will be able to produce more games on the PS3 due to its 10 year life cycle.

ElementX3829d ago

BS on 7-8 million copies of MGS4. The last one only sold 3.7 million with 120+ million PS2 owners. Not good

mistertwoturbo3829d ago

I'm going to say MGS4 is going to sell 6-7 million in it's lifetime. It is the last in the series, the added hype and hate from 360 owners will make more people want to buy it just to see what it's all about. Plus the metal gear fans around the WORLD will buy it because it's the Grand Finale.

angel6043829d ago

well if you remember when mgs3 came out it didnt have the hype sons of liberty or guns of the patriots had

and its was overshadowed by the hype of halo 2 and gta: San Andreas

and the ps2 library was so if your gonna knock it because people didnt think it was a good game then your wrong

your probably one of those "metacritic and sales figure determines what kind of game it is" punk lovers

ElementX3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Actually, no, i'm not one of those. You can't blame the low sales of MGS3 on lack of hype, Halo, or San Andres. First of all, Halo was on the competitor's system, didn't Xbox only have around 25 million units sold? How would those 25 million XBOX users affect sales of a PS2 game?????????????????

Second, San Andres catered to a different audience. MGS is about stealth, not running around carjacking, hiring prostitutes, and running from the police. If MGS2 sold over 7 million copies worldwide, how would the sequel only sell 3.7 million? If 7 million people PLAYED AND ENJOYED MSG2, wouldn't you think they would buy the next game in the series? Apparently that isn't so. I dunno how to explain it, but the numbers are out there. Your guess is as good as mine

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wiizy3830d ago

none of ubisofts big games came to the wii so that explains the percentage and they were suppose to be a big wii supporter.

Danja3830d ago

How many games did Ubisoft release for the Wii last year....

and how many of those games were good ?..worth buying ? Rayman ?

PS360WII3830d ago

Now that's a valid point.

Seems they are making good games for the 360, PS3 and DS though.

Marty83703830d ago

Wii has'nt the hardware too do the Big Ubisofts games.

Voiceofreason3830d ago

Even the games they did offer were mainly just published by them. They offered very little for the hardcore. Last year was all Petz,Dogz,Catz. And of course they wont learn anything. Their top games on Wii are Redsteel, Rayman, and NMH. 2 out of 3 are not casual games yet they'll keep shoving those down our throats. I wouldnt even doubt it if they were dumb enough to cancel RedSteel 2. Also this list really doesnt mean that much, at least not in the way some think. The only game they offered on PS3 that amounted to any sales was Assasin's Creed with 2.5, everything else they offered had pretty low sales. Some comparable to the casual offerings that Wii owners are getting stuck with.

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