First Gears Of War Review

This the the first review for the Xbox 360's hottest game of the year.

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kmis874464d ago

90%, awesome. But, then again, who didn't expect high scores for this game, besides the Sony/Nintendo fanboys?

TheSadTruth4464d ago

I could have wrote a better review and I've never even played the game..

PS360PCROCKS4464d ago

Yeah because your review would have been about it sucking...Ok so anyways but this is awesome news and I'm going to be the first to say it but "I FUC*ING TOLD YOU SO" <<(thats to all the haters and doubters) now that felt good, everyone knew this game was going to be awesome, and theirs confirmation one, let's just wait for all the other reviews now

candystop4464d ago

I actually kind of agree with him! My question is did this site actually do a review of the game because it sounds more like a preview to me? This game will only score 10's and 9's without a doubt but this review just sounds kind of out of place! I mean seriously everything they said we already knew except for the cover jumping so this review holds know credibility in my book! Why is everyone so hostile over other opinions on this site?

Capt CHAOS4463d ago

That was one lame review.. Probably because the reviewer was just dying to get back to playing GOW. lol

ACE4464d ago

u r so lame its unreal. grow up . there u go sony fan boys tut!!!

Marriot VP4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

WOOO HOOOO, man I can't wait to curb stomp my friends and brothers back home over XBL.

and this is hardly a creditable website, they don't talk about really anything specific, only rehash what we already know about the game. I have my doubts.

Bill Nye4464d ago

Yeah, makes you wonder if they even played it. I'll wait for GameRankings... just like I do with every other game.

NextGen24Gamer4464d ago

The Truth, DJ, Jin, Enforcer, and other sony extremist stating that Gears of war can't live up to the hype. ha ha ha ha...Who ever doubted MS and Epic after the E3 showing and beyond is clearly a clouded fanboy. I guarentee 10 out of 10 reviews on more than one site when the game gets released. I assume IGN and Gamespot with give it mid 9's. But the average will most likely be 9.5 or up. Watch and see. The game of the year. WOW.

DJ4463d ago

"The Truth, DJ, Jin, Enforcer, and other sony extremist stating that Gears of war can't live up to the hype."

Funny thing is, you didn't quote any of us, and I don't remember stating "Gears of War can't live up to the hype." If you're going to make accusations of that level you better have physical proof. I wouldn't speculate on the average of its final scores just yet.

RuffRyder4461d ago

Because you talk alot of crap on this site and i have never seen you produce any physical proof or links to back up all the [email protected] you say.

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The story is too old to be commented.