Console smackdown - PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

The last time a new PlayStation or Xbox hit the market, Facebook had fewer than 12 million users, a tablet was a pill and nobody outside of Apple had heard of a gadget called the iPhone.
That was more than seven years ago. It's a vastly different technology landscape that will greet Sony and Microsoft in the coming days when the two old rivals go head to head again with splashy new consoles.
Sony's PlayStation 4 hits stores on Friday, with Microsoft's Xbox One coming a week later, on November 22.

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juliotheman212768d ago

He forgot to to add that ps4 has gddr5 and xbone has gddr3.i thought i was going to learn something from this article. all of it was old news

guitarded772768d ago

Anytime a major news outlet does a "tech" article it's always so far behind.

LordDhampire2768d ago

thats because the xbox one doesn't have GDDR3, it has DDR3

juliotheman212767d ago

oh i see, the fact that he didnt add it makes me question his article still

dsswoosh2767d ago

Xbone doesnt have gddr3.

It has ddr3, which is a million times better at running the operating system and apps than gddr5.

Thepharaoh2768d ago

What's up with the regurgitated topiic

KimoNoir2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

This is gonna go no where. The majority will not understand fine details of the respected hardware.

The blame is on the lack of brains these journalists have to just tell us that there is "8gigs of ram" and the same "jaguar cpu's" which if thats the case, leaves the consumer to be fooled into thinking its all left to the features in software such as the ui and social networking features.

The difference in hardware power is there but the journalists are either too dumb or theyre bias to educate the readers in what theyre really dealing with.

Truth of the matter is, these are media companies that follow the hottest trends and they know whats going on because we have things like N4G to throw a little knowledge around for them. But it seems they would rather spit the simple vague info out there.

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