Extreme Game Review: Wii Sports Club

Nintendo set the gaming world ablaze back in 2006 when they launched their new (at-the-time) home console - the Wii. While it was being slammed for its lack of HD-graphics and childish "waggle controls" - one game took the console above and beyond its stronger and "more hardcore" competitors. It's a game that millions of people, from little kids to old retired grandparents, can get up and say "I've played that".

Two words: Wii Sports.

The best-selling video game ever, clocking in at over 80+million units sold, has been taken back to the drawing board, and given a new breath of life. Possessing enhanced controls, a boost in graphical fidelity and a first for the series - online gameplay - Wii Sports Club looks keen to re-create the magic of its former self.

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