Upcoming 3DS update won’t allow eShop region changes after registering a NNID

The new impending Nintendo 3DS update that was revealed last night has a bit of a down side to it.

Sure the new update will bring Miiverse, but also it’ll bring shared eShop balances to both the Wii U and 3DS through the Nintendo Network ID system. That means if you spend or add money to any Wii U or 3DS linked with the same NNID the balance will be shared across.

Nintendo has shared a Q&A about the new update and it’s got some really worrying news in it, especially for Europeans and Australians.

When the new update hits and if you link a Nintendo Network ID (which will be required for demos and free applications) you will no longer be able to change your systems region and use the eShop in another currency.

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imXify2775d ago

Here's your answer from Nintendo to remove region locking.... D:

Smashbro292775d ago

If I wasn't from America I'd buy the American version of everything anyhow. We always come out on top with these things.

--Onilink--2774d ago

it not only because of buying the American version or not, many people used the change because for some reason the US store limits a lot of international cards, however the Canadian store for example, does not, and still has all the same games.

Now the only choice would be to use a site like maximus cards, where you have to pay a bit more.

Misaka_x_Touma2775d ago

dont give a damn
we are getting localization games everyone year outside dragon quest, conception ll, exstetra and other new jrpg and Attack on Titan.

Chrono2775d ago

"So what’s the solution? Don’t update? Don’t register a Nintendo Network ID? Possibly both of those."

If you don't update you can't access the eShop...

Misaka_x_Touma2775d ago

no not having an NNID prevent you from getting free stuff and posting on miiverse

wheresmymonkey2775d ago

i didnt even know you could change the region of the eshop atm

Chrono2775d ago

You can change the country within the same region, for example different European countries or Australia for the European 3DS. Because sometimes the price is not the same, and sometimes the games are only available for some countries.

wheresmymonkey2775d ago

do you know if the australian eshop codes work on the EU 3ds? i assume they mist do if you can change the region. this is incredibly useful news.

Chrono2775d ago

It should work if you set the country to Australia. Actually it's mentioned on this article.

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