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Take one part art deco atmosphere (a la Bioshock), one part smooth jazz, one part surprisingly heartfelt and powerful storytelling and one part neat gimmickry and you have Compulsion Games’ Contrast, which blends all of the elements into an unexpectedly strong whole. Also unexpected, unfortunately, is the title’s bevy of problems which hamstring an otherwise fresh and enthralling experience–everything from technical issues to uninspired puzzles drags you out of Contrast’s well-realized world.

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pheature2778d ago

when this was showed i actually lost interest quite quickly.
this was my bathroom period.

feraldrgn2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I read the review & then I looked at the 5.5 score.

All I can say is...What!?

matrixman922778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I thought the same thing...the words written dont quite compliment the score that was given. 5.5 should be a borderline mess of a game.

PoSTedUP2778d ago

KZSF 12hour SP campaign and long praised MP is a mess of a game compared to BF and COD's crappy 4hr SP campaign and buggy rehashed MP, apparently...

daftpunkfan2777d ago

Actually, that's only if the site uses a 7-10 scale. For a lot of sites, 5.5 means very very slightly above average.