Blu-ray's Hardware Woes Stacking Up

"The bad news just keeps on coming for Blu-ray. First, Sony halved its U.S./Japanese launch shipments of its Blu-ray powered PlayStation 3, blaming a shortage of blue lasers. Then, in the last two weeks, both Sony and Pioneer delayed the releases of their new Blu-ray players, refusing to cite reasons. And this week, at Blu-ray backer LG's annual dealer show, a previously announced LG Blu-ray player was nowhere to be found. LG product development director Tim Alessi had this to say: 'we will provide an announcement when the time is right.'"

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power of Green 4464d ago

No doubt up to something they probly found out some future HD-DVD models new feature's. They already coping the customization movie feature's only god knows what else.

TheMART4464d ago

What if the BR format is just working like sh!t?!

Damn I would crap the hell out of my pants if I would have pre-ordered a PS3 with a BR drive in it...

Marriot VP4464d ago

what if it's working perfectly....

oh wait that's right you only want to believe in bad things for Sony.

Sphinx4464d ago

...why do you both have to be so negative?
TheMART- you don't have to take every opportunity to mock Sony fans.
Paul Cerula- why do you always have to defend Sony? If the past is any indication of the future, TheMART may be right, the PS3 may be looked at as a BetaMax player in the near future.

Marriot VP4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

hahahahahahaha, if you think I defend any company think again. Look at my profile, do you know who I you.

I have a 360, and don't plan on buying a PS3 because it's too expensive and really doesn't have the game's I desire most. I was merely pointing out how theMart always wishes for the worst. And yes I'm well aware of PS2 horrible DVD drive that busted down for 10,000s of people, one of them being me....grrrr.

Sphinx4464d ago

I just went by what you said right there. I don't take the time to memorize what people say, or look at their profiles before I say something. I just come in here and waste time here and there while I'm at work. I'm just getting tired of people attacking each other over 360 and PS3 conflicts. It's stupid, it's been done over and over and over and over again. The horse is dead, stop beating it.

shotty4464d ago

I think basically there is a blue diode shortage with sony needing them for ps3 and microsoft needing them for the HD-DVD drives.

I think the Blu-ray group basically said they'll hold off so sony can get all the blue diodes. Basically blu-rays fate rests with sony and the ps3. PS3 flops then so does blu-ray.

Microsoft, who knows what they did but their drives are sold out and so they have supply troubles as well with the HD-DVD drive.

Deceased4464d ago

Its got the celeron of cells, a cheap blu-ray drive, and runs off of custom linux os, what a turd!!!

kornbeaner4463d ago

First intel wasn't even in the process when they where coming up with cell that's an IBM chip, Their blu-ray player isn't really a big selling point for them. they use blu-ray primeraly to read their games and to present their games in HD. And the OS yes it's linux. And yeah it's more diffucult to program for then say Windows but as anybody with a clue as to what their talking about will tell you it's also more tweaker friendly. It takes less power from the machine to acutally get the same results as say a window based system. (console or PC) It just takes patenices and the ablitiy to learn a new system to produce results. If you disagree look at the PS2 and then look at it's power specs. And let me know if any window based machine can produce games of that caliber with those specs. your not gonna find one. So really dude you have your machine and be happy with it, but read somthing before you start making half-a$$ comments about stuff you think you know.

death monk4462d ago

I'm not agreeing with either of you, but I think when he was saying the "celeron of cells" that he was implying it's a lower end cell, not that it was manufactured by Intel.

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