Toms Guide: PS4 Review

Ding! Ding! The next round in the console wars has begun. Coming off a series of stinging losses to the Xbox 360, including an exorbitant $599 launch pricetag, lack of exclusives compared to the Xbox 360 and a subpar member subscription service, Sony is turning the page with the PlayStation 4. Priced at a competitive $399, the PS4 shows that Sony has been listening to its users, overhauling the controllers, improving the interface and embracing social -- all in attempt to win back the fanbase it lost in 2006.

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ELCUCO2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Why write a review for a product that you haven't tested in full?

Edit: perfect video for reference from videogamer

SL1M DADDY2767d ago

That's how it works these days. It's as though these reviewers are the kids that write the "FIRST" post in a comment section just to have the first comment. They get there first with a subpar review and sit back and receive the web hits. It's not about competent reviews, it's about who can get there first. In the end, regardless of what console you want, be your own reviewer.

SniperControl2767d ago

You Sir, deserve a well said.

ltachiUchiha2767d ago

Definitely agree. Couldnt have said it better.

sincitysir12767d ago

How about we don't review hardware at all for at least a year. Then the world can review Xbox and ps4 when they have stabilized and dried their wet feet

Inception2767d ago

Good video game journalist became a rarity this days. Instead, we got crap like polygon, madam sesler, IGNorant, and so on :/

Phene2767d ago

IGN is actually holding off for a full review...just saying

assdan2767d ago

Reviews for hardware tend to be a lot lower than reviews for software as well Based on what I've seen.

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HammadTheBeast2767d ago

I'm just going to go ahead and claim it's biased. The first paragraph alone is just stupid.

"Stinging losses to 360"

"Less exclusives than360" (yeah ok, lol)

"And a subpar membership service" Wait, so not paying for online is sub par? So having free games every month is sub par? Lolok.

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Retard2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Perfect video lol

Journalism in general is very skewed, not just the gaming industry. If you are a die hard politico, no one takes the news from a single source. You have to weed through the blurry lines of truth and bias and formulate your own opinion off of a meta source.

Visiblemarc2767d ago

Yeah, people are entitled to their opinions but I'm tired of the industry being run by cynical clickbaiters. They yawn their way through every analysis complaining that products didn't "blow their mind." Take this review vs the score. It's starting to remind me of when Homer was a food critic on the Simpsons.

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SniperControl2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

A tad harsh, but that is ones opinion.

They are knocking it down because of the lack of good launch games and that you now have to pay for MP.

Personally, i am getting the PS4 for games like Uncharted 4 and TLoU 2, Drive Club, The Order & Second Son.

On the paywall side of things, i have been a PS+ member since nearly launch of the service, so that does not really bother me at all.

But in the mean time KZ:SF, Knack, AC:BF & FIFA 14 will keep me happy till then.

I have already completed BF4 and COD so no need for them.


Problem is, alot of people are expecting a console that is feature packed like the PS3 is, when it does not have certain features like MP3, DNLA, 3D movie playback etc.
The PS4 is being marked down for that reason, give it time, Sony will eventually get round to adding those features, let them focus the PS4 at where it is supposed to be..........a gaming machine.

Whitey2k2767d ago

Thats no reason to average its score I think every1 is to harse on it considering sony listened to everyone Microsoft console has a paywall and everythink is behind it including f2p n netflix I reckon the score should atleast be a 4 or a 4.5 despite its lack of line up

Irishguy952767d ago

Hmm. Sony have a paywall too. The most important part of 'online features' on the console is behind said paywall

Just saying. I also don't think reviews take into account paywalls, Drm etc etc. They just take in the quality of the experience. It would be like being back in 2007 and saying PS network is a better experience than XBox live Gold because it's free. Which is just wrong.

The_KELRaTH2767d ago

Netflix, Lovefilm, NowTV are also behind Sony's paywall on PS4. Even on PS3 you now need to have a PSN account and sign in to use them.

Thehyph2767d ago

PSN accounts are free, dude.
All that PS+ does on ps3 is give you free digital titles, good discounts, cloud saving, automatic updates, and hour long full game trials. That's not a paywall; that's a bomb-ass service.

Whitey2k2767d ago

@sniper I agree but they still be adding on the next patch which could take well not that long lol every1 of us and developers wanted a real gaming machine not a multimedia service which sony gave they still soon add stuff but to my eyes I would rate it a 4 out of 5 :-) considering Dice said ps4 will be the lead platform for all frostbite games along with mantle which is excellent role on the end of november :-(

DivineAssault 2767d ago

if paying $50/yr for multiplayer will help PSN servers grow, im all for it.. Its not like all your getting is multiplayer tho, u get free games & discounts too.. I am a ps plus member now & will remain one throughout the nx gen

The_KELRaTH2767d ago

I've been a Plus member for over a year and have found it good value BUT I still feel that I should have the choice and not be forced.

I think it would have been much better if it had carried on much the same as PS3 but with added features like access to dedicated servers and optimal HQ VOIP.

Salooh2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

That's exactly what i have been thinking . Even though i'm a plus member for a year and would have continued paying for it for the ps4 and vita i still don't like the idea of forcing paying for online. I don't know why people didn't complain about this. Sony made a statement that they saw people are ok with it so they are doing it , if people complained we wouldn't be forced ..

The media didn't talk so they don't have the right to complain about this now.

Visiblemarc2767d ago

Nah. Honestly, I've promoted the ps3 on the free multi to friends. All that did was make them think "it must suck if it's free." Meanwhile I don't mind paying a little to support a system and product I love. I think Sony bends over backwards for us and they ask what? For $4.15 a month? And what a value it is. Free games over THREE platforms, cloud saves, and multiplayer. There are other cool features too. However, much of the online stuff like Netflix and video sharing is free, makes sense.

I don't support splitting the multiplayer base into basic and premium tiers though, as you seem to suggest. Will confuse too many, besides, this revenue will improve things and add a revenue stream for Sony.

DeezR2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

lack of launch games i can understand, but some first party games are coming within 4 months. but paying for multiplayer as a downside? xbox users paying already 10 years for playing online. and on xbox you have to have gold for caputering gameplay and netflix hulu and all that shit.

kratos_TheGoat2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

maybe he like his online free like ps3 and ps plus as optional his opinion me idc I'm getting ps4 friday and 22 or december i get x1

nevin12767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I never own an xbox system so I don't know what's it like it's to pay to play.

And even though I predicted Sony adding online to PSN+ years ago, I still find it odd if I want to play online I got to have PSN+

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