Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Launch Trailer And Details!

Originally released way back in the year 2000, Baldur’s Gate II became a critical darling and came to be known as one of the greatest Dungeons & Dragons video game of all time, a title which still holds true for many in the community today, myself included. This new enhanced edition includes both expansion packs and boasts not only remastered art but the inclusion of new allies for your party. More information on Baldur’s Gate II can be found below, including the games launch trailer.

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sdozzo2773d ago

Love the game. First enhanced edition was nice but $25 is a little steep. Few months catch it on a deal. Really great game though.

TheRealTedCruz2773d ago

The only crpg I played that did character interaction better was Planescape and, maybe, Kotor 2.

Just a truly stellar, hardcore crpg.