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The fourth iteration of Sony's flagship console, the PlayStation 4, is upon us. Launching a full week ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One, the PS4 has officially ushered us into the era of next-gen (apologies to all you Wii U supporters out there, but it’s the truth).

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Ultra2778d ago

"You'll hate: How dang hot the PS4 gets

This could get ugly. Even when the PS4 is idling, without any application or game running, this system gets heated. "


FamilyGuy2778d ago

Wtf, I've heard others say "it's stay cool to the touch". Wtf is going on here, pretty big difference :/

GarrusVakarian2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Didn't Digital Foundry say it was around 40 degrees? Hang on i will try and find the link.

Found it:

45 degrees with a game and the UI running.....hardly "dang hot".

Lol @ disagrees, you were all fine to accept the Digital Foundry analysis of BF4....but now you disagree with their PS4 tests? Haha.

Raf1k12778d ago

Somethings not right. Maybe they got a defective one?

Either way mine doesn't come until the end of the month (UK) and by then I'll have a lot of user info to know exactly how it runs.

Sayai jin2778d ago

WTH, I thought it was cool to the touch. Well only a few more hours!

Thehyph2778d ago

14 hours and 52 minutes here!

Death2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

That's 113 Fahrenheit and dependent on surrounding temps. For comparison sake, my PC runs a little hotter than it should. Using it with no stress right now its sitting around 37 degrees in all 4 cores. My 6950 is at 44 degrees surfing the net. Both my CPU and GPU are over clocked and there is virtually no stress on the system. It also has liquid cooling, some big ass fans and active shutters to change airflow in the system bringing in more air when it gets hot. It's also pretty damn big, but small compared to some other rigs.

Oh yeah, it is also cool to the touch, but the exhaust ports are "hot" and by hot I mean cooler than the coor temps so probably in the 80 degree f range.

HighResHero2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more "odd" articles pop up, especially between now(the day before launch) and the next few weeks.

AKS2778d ago

If the PS4 is around 45 degrees C when it's running a game, I don't see a problem. That's not bad considering how small and compact the case is. Just don't keep it in an enclosed space and it should be fine.

ground_beef2777d ago

Maybe these guys tested the ps4 in Qatar or Kuwait, I swear on my life that you can crack an egg on the street in both countries and the egg will be 60-70% cooked! and that's on a normal summer day.

AKS2777d ago


I spent some time in the Mojave Desert in the Marine Corps, and it gets pretty blisteringly hot there, too. If you take a piece of bread outside during mid-day, it will be as hard as severely burnt toast within a couple of minute just because of how dried out it gets.

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Mikelarry2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

games radar have been the only one to say it gets really hot, i think it would be best we wait before going overboard with this one

Ju2778d ago

Where's the review? Those two paragraphs?

Well, I just watched Gamespot 6 hour live demo - unstaged full 6 hours on and off. No matter what, that pretty much is what I want to see. Works quite well, tbh.

Lykon2777d ago

AW no :( This week has been so depressing. All the MS failings were giving me so much pleasure I thought it would never end. And this week it's been blow after blow for PS4. I know some of it is troll journalism. Some of it is the usual MS bribes. But still it's been painful. But this is the worst thing. If you look at the strip down Vid for ps4 , it really is incredibly beautiful how they have fit it all together, but at what cost. The XB one is just a large box full of messy wires and boards but that separate power brick , although ugly and amateurish could save the bones arse. NO way I'm switching to MS though. I'll get something completely different like a wii u or oya or something. GUTTED

T22777d ago

dude calm down, the failure rate is listed at like less than 1% so far, 10% would be normal for electronics... there's gonna be defective ones of course videos will surface. then if you get one defective one, you will get a new one. whats the worry.

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listenkids2778d ago

Let's just wait, form our own conclusions when it's in hand.

Thehyph2778d ago

I was going to read this, but it's one of those stupid image slide stories. CLICK THROUGH THESE THIRTEEN SLIDES TO READ IT ALL. Nah, man. I don't think these websites realize how many hits are from mobile devices these days.

Ju2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Oh, f...I need instructions. LOL. Seriously. I didn't get it...was searching for the next page button and couldn't find it.

gamingisnotacrime2778d ago

all i know is that i hate how hot my PS3 slim gets (i use a small fan always)

PS4 is likely in the same hot area

Whitey2k2778d ago

Dont forget it also has the power brick inside and power bricks do get hot

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