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Resogun, the latest colorful shooter from Finnish indie developer Housemarque, is an extravagant, heavily detailed demonstration of the PlayStation 4's graphical horsepower. But look under the hood and you'll find an old shoot-'em-up that isn't shy of aping its inspirations.

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Nujabes_2775d ago

Great score, game looks like a lot of fun. Those particle effects are very impressive!

JW10802775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

And it's FREE for plus members!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fireseed2775d ago

Not exactly free if your paying for Plus is it?

fenome2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

If you're paying for Plus anyways then yeah, these games seem pretty free. That's like saying "Buy one get one free isn't free 'cause you still have to buy one anyways."

It's a lot different than paying to use free apps like Netflix, at least we don't have to to pay a subscription so that we can pay another subscription.

We're paying for Plus, not the particular games that come along with it. I think Plus is a killer service all around between the discounts and everything else. The games are just HUGE perks. It honestly doesn't bother me that you need it to play online either, I never had any intention of letting my subscription run out anyways :)

Bathyj2775d ago

If you already have Plus, then yes, its free.

insomnium22775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


QFT. I wonder how many of us were a plus member before it became mandatory for online gaming on PS4. I was. It would be fun to see the x-platform getting an equal opportunity. They have been forcefed subscriptions for a decade. They should recieve a free xbone tbh.


I'm glad I just ignored xboxfun. Never having to read his BS again makes the N4G experience that much better for me.

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XboxFun2775d ago ShowReplies(1)
lifeisgamesok2775d ago

I thought Polygon was incapable of giving a PS4 game a good score


nosferatuzodd2775d ago

if they gave it that then other site or going to give perfect 10

OrangePowerz2775d ago

Polygon is incapable of doing consistent reviews by employing some people who shouldn`t make game reviews.

They have plenty of reviews that are far below the average Like Witcher 2 (7), Ni No Kuni (6.5) or TLoU (7.5) while giving games like Dead Space 3 a 9.5. Either way they have people who don`t like games or people that are crap at playing and blame it on the games.

The guy who reviewed Killzone and give the joke of a score also scored a low 7.5 for BF4 and AC4 and that`s the same guy that gave Dead Space 3 a 9.5. Everybody who gives DS3 a score like that shouldn`t review games.

The reviews of the games reviewed by the guy who did the Resogun review seems a lot a more in line with what the average consensus is.

DigitalRaptor2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Tell me about it dude.

Tweet from reviewer Arthur Gies back in Feb:

He actively dislikes the Killzone series, but choose to review a game he was never going to like, or be able to review clear-headedly and unbiased.

insomnium22775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )


bigbearsack2775d ago

I stopped visiting their website once Ni No Kuni got the diss from them. I sat and watched my sister play that game and was quite entertained.

LeCreuset2775d ago

It's a way to try to get cred among the gullible. If this game were being put out their as a flagship title, or some sort of AAA exclusive, do you think it would get the same score? I tend to doubt it, as I don't see any way in the world this game is better than TLOU, which according to Polygon it is.

T22775d ago

Its an obvious ploy to appear to have credibility ... They lost it long ago , noone cares now . Skip to comment section, downvote site. Its over .

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B-radical2775d ago

polygon are so biased to the ps4 its sickening! aha jks

Deividas2775d ago

If this was an Xbox One Exclusive it would get an 11 out of 10.

Fireseed2775d ago

This game has been my most hotly anticipated game for the PS4, looks great and plays great! :)

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