Call of Duty: Ghosts Review, Haunted by its’ Past | For the Love of Gaming

Cory of For the Love of Gaming writes:

Call of Duty: Ghosts is not anywhere close to the best Call of Duty Game. In fact, I would rank it as one of the worst. Normally when I pick up a Call of Duty, I know that even if the story suffers, the multiplayer will be decent. With Ghosts that is the complete opposite. The campaign is the best part of Ghosts, but that is only a small percentage where players will spend their time. The multiplayer just isn’t up to par, and the lack of variety of maps in Extinction just makes Ghosts feel like a rushed game. If you pick up Call of Duty every year, this might be the time to throw in a different Call of Duty and pick up some DLC to keep you going.

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Sarcasm2772d ago

The campaign was actually "ok" but mostly mediocre.

punishing12772d ago

Admittedly, I haven't played the campaign, but based on having played many hours of the multi-player, which is why most gamers get the game, a 6/10 is nonsense.

4logpc2772d ago

I appreciate the feedback. I found the multiplayer to be extremely unbalanced which causes a lot of issues.