Review: Guided Fate Paradox – A Unique and Challenging Way to Play God | DualShockers

Masoud House of writes:

"Have you ever wondered 'What is it like to be God?'

The developers at Nippon Ichi Software have never shied away from using religion as source material for content and their newest title, Guided Fate Paradox, does just that: puts players into shoes of a schoolboy named Renya, who through some divine lottery has won the Almighty power of God. Call it profound or blasphemous, Guided Fate Paradox takes the premise of playing god and combines it with some mechanics and ideas found in previous titles like the Disgaea series to make for an interesting new game. Playing God may not be the most simple or smooth experience when exploring the world of Guided Fate Paradox, but it’s definitely one hell of a ride.

Yes, pun intended."

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