PS4 reviews are now live, but not a single grade was given

"The internet is now almost full of PlayStation 4 reviews. As the embargo for both the console and it’s launch games has ended, almost every major publication has started posting their reviews for the upcoming next-gen console.
Most of them are positive, I can’t really recall one review to be entirely bad but there is something that has raised a tiny red flag for me. Almost nobody (from any kind of publication) gave an actual grade to the console (example: 9 out of 10), and this is quite a new thing to this industry."

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capjacksparrow2771d ago

Uh yeah, Microsoft fanboys over at Polygon gave it a score.

globeofgamers2771d ago

And it was a bad one, right?

capjacksparrow2771d ago

It was a 7 I think. They gave Killzone ShadowFall a 5, The Last of Us a 7.5, Sly Cooper a 6, Ni No Kuni a 6.5, etc. Halo 4 got a 9.5 though. It helps when Microsoft funds you 700,000 dollars :)

Sephiroushin2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

They gave it 7.5 I think, it's not bad actually but that site is so biased toward Microsoft stuff and not even near fair toward Sony exclusives ... You will see the X1 gets 100/10 and no, I'm not misspelling that "100"

mp12892771d ago

Cnet gave it a 7.5...Obviously the fact that they belong to Microsoft has nothing to do with it.

mikeslemonade2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Pointless.. Video game reviews are necessary but outside of consumer electronic review sites like CNET, it's pointless to review a system. In terms of gaming standpoint, the games is what drives the system.

Now on the other hand.. sites like CNET use it for blu-ray and other multi-media stuff that warrant reviews.

nukeitall2771d ago

I spotted plenty of bad news about MS as well, among the article on privacy.

Point being, Edge was blamed pro Xbox 360, yet here it is b!tchin and moaning just as load about the Xbox One.

There is no significant bias, just your idea of it, since it doesn't match your agenda.

mistertwoturbo2771d ago

Whoa whoa whoa $700k???

Nope it was actually $750k.

FamilyGuy2771d ago

StuffTv gave the console a 5/5 stars
Their actual breakdown shows thee notches that indicate it to be a 9/10 though. Good either way.

Many did their review before the 1.50 patch so maybe that's why they didn't leave scores in a numerical or alphabetic form?

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Insomnia_842771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

If I was to rate the PS4 and XBone based on track record, past history, console support, games, hardware, privacy concerns, trust, what they are now, what we know now, how the future for them looks like:

-PS4= 10/10
-XBone= 5/10

rela82me2771d ago

But if you rate it based on whats coming out this month, not what Sony did last generation after 7 years:
Xbox One: 8.5

At least the Xbox has games to play.

TrollCraftTales2771d ago

Really, how immature is that comment! You do realise that the PS4 has games, right, not just your amazing god box the XO. I am personally not interested in ANY Xbox One exclusives, not for launch, not ever. I can get Titanfall and Project Spark on PC, and everything else just seems mediocre. On the other hand I am looking forward to Killzone Shadowfall, inFamous Second Son, The Order, Deep Down, exclusive content for MGS5, Assassin's Creed 4, and Destiny, as well as superior versions of Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed 4, COD Ghosts, and others. The Xbox is just a waste of $500 to me. That is all just my opinion, obviously you have your own, but there is no need to be immature about it...

Avernus2771d ago


No games to play in the coming months? I'll just leave this here and you be the judge

Destrania2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )


Nice one dude! I haven't seen that list before. That should shut-up the Xbots, but unfortunately it won't. PS4 All Access Live tomorrow! Greatness is here!

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sorane2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Funny considering how many ps4 fanboys quoted polygon for saying the ps4 version of rivals was the best. Now all of a sudden it's a "biased site". Gotta love hypocrites. The games are bad stop being salty. Plenty of other sites giving them low scores also.

TrollCraftTales2771d ago

IGN, gave Killzone an 8/10
Destructioid gave Killzone a 9/10
Gamespot gave it a 7/10
Eurogamer a 70/100
Joystiq a 70/100
Everyeye an 80/100
InsideGamer an 85/100
Multiplayer an 87/100
Toronto Sun gave it a 70/100
Really the only reviewer that scored it badly is Polygon, and that is just Killzone, there are many other games coming out for PS4, most of the exclusives are coming out next year, true, but the PS4 has the best versions of all multiplats, unless of course you count high end gaming PC's, but in terms of consoles, PS4 blow Xbox out of the water right now, I am calling this right now, the only launch games to get above a 68 will be DR3 and Forza 5. Now we wait till the 22nd...

sorane2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Don't forget




Adam Sessler 3/5

or this one:PS4 exclusive 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' more fun to look at than to play


Videogamer:Again, it's not terrible, just rather played out.

Seems like polygon wasn't the only review that scored it bad......

n4rc2771d ago

Heaven forbid anyone doesnt love any ps4 game...

People have opinions... Just because its a ps4 exclusive doesn't mean it gets an automatic 8+

Maybe it was more fun to look at then play for them... But bias only comes into play on one side around here

Mr Pumblechook2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

The so called journalist are frightened of giving the 'wrong' grade and are waiting to see what the consensus of their peers say.

Personally I would appreciate some journalists to have the courage of their convictions and do a thorough review of the PS4 and say what they think and stand by it.

boneso822771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I lost a bubble for claiming polygon is funded by Microsoft... Bad times!

Who taking bets now that they score the Xbox One a 9 or 10 next week?

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iamnsuperman2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Good because grading something like a console because invalid further down the line. Games and services are constantly being added. It makes more sense to do a buy now, wait, never buy approach (later for broken systems) with a valid reason accompanying it

lifeisgamesok2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

It's averaging about a 7 so far it's not just MS pro sites

Some outlets have it an 8 or 9 and some of those are Sony sites

boneso822771d ago

8 or 9 out of 10 is good for any new console. It's the games that will ultimately determine its value. If a game got 8's and 9's across the board it would be deemed a success.

lifeisgamesok2771d ago

Yeah 8's and 9's are good but only a short few gave it that high of a rating. Everyone else rated it around a 7

Killzone has never been considered a top tier shooter

cell9892771d ago

To review a console you'd have to wait on it's lifetime before you can judge

Jay70sgamer2771d ago

B.S. Look how many people judged the. Wii u and it has only been out a year and some never even played it lol so that statement is false ..

cell9892771d ago

Guilty, and yes the WiiU deserves a little more optimism it hasnt really been out that long. The fact remains that the WiiU offers one of a kind experience based on Nintendos catalog, but the hardware is very underpowered, if only Nintendo had taken a little more risk and invested a bit more on the guts.

Jay70sgamer2771d ago

False again no one knows the full capability of the wii u that's a fact... all developers said they don't know it's full capability ..yes it's weaker than xbox and ps4 but not by much and you stated its one kind of experience where did you get that info from false again be honest nintendo is suppose to be the "weakest " system but have the most games running at 1080p 60fps steady already early in its life .....Im just stating facts ...not opinion ....I'm a gamer I play all games on all systems been gaming since the 70s just saying .....

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