New Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade Character is a Cute French Maid Named Mary Rose

Hardcore Gamer: Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade will be receiving a new character named Mary Rose who is a...well, we hesitate to call her "sexy" as she looks dangerously close to being underage...but let's say cute...French maid.

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Snookies122778d ago

So I take it this won't make it outside of Japan...?

Slade232778d ago

I think Rose Mary sounds way better than Mary Rose.

GSKerns2778d ago

someone should tell the "hardcore gamer" the difference between a french maid and gothic lolita.

Dark112778d ago

I wonder what outfits they're going to give her hmm..

...yeah guys i think i'm going to jail.

Godmars2902778d ago

From the pic guessing she's Tina's younger sister.

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The story is too old to be commented.