Deadfall, Darksiders & a Horse-Sized Duck – We talk to Nordic Games Martin Kreuch

In an enlightening interview with Laser Lemming Nordic Game's Martin Kreuch reveals the swedish publisher's plans for their recent haul of THQ ips, including Darksiders.

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ZodTheRipper2871d ago

How about no Darksiders at all? I never understood how people could play this game from start to finish, both belong to the worst games I played in the last 10 years.

KrisButtar2871d ago

The 1st is one of my favorite games

AntoineDcoolette2871d ago

Darksiders is an amazing Zelda style game with terrific art direction, great characters, fun gameplay, and something severely lacking from this generation BOSS FIGHTS! The first also had a pretty decent story and its ending is one of my favorite endings in video games.

I also agree with the notion of the first being better than the second.

ELpork2871d ago

Horse sized duck... Well now I'm hungry.

RBlue_Desire2871d ago

Oh maaan, please continue the story of darksiders series.
Also if you do manage to get older developers, i hope you guys remove the rpg-ish element. <_<

The game was much better without it.

AntoineDcoolette2871d ago

Agreed! I feel the RPG/loot esque style detracted from focus that could have been spent on more memorable characters and gameplay.