Reports of PlayStation 4′s not working surfacing already

There are a few reports coming out from customers who have already gotten their hands on a PlayStation 4 of their consoles malfunctioning, and one not even working at all via Reddit and NeoGAF.

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stuna12431d ago

But haven't we heard these exact same claims throughout every generation? Regardless of what console was being launched.

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JoGam2431d ago

If true, that's the risk with getting launch systems. Look at MS with the 360. That ish was crazy but they figured the problem out.

Good luck everyone PS and MS with their new system. I'll be getting mine Friday.

GarrusVakarian2431d ago

Nice mature comment man, bubs up for well said. Im taking the launch day plunge too, good luck everyone regardless of console choice.

C-H-E-F2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

hmph... with that comment, i feel like early adopters (launch purchasers) are all in a Good vs Faulty console lottery. lOl, I've been doing good since ps1 (my 60gb fat still running strong) hopefully I can pick up another perfectly minted console lol. As JoGam (+1 bub) said goodluck to everyone, long live play :D.

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Jeedai Infidel2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Also, as consumers, we need to keep in mind that there is about a 11% failure rate in electronic devices. I always think of the Templar Knight from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade saying "Choose wisely" when I grab any electronic device from a shelf.

@C-H-E-F, yeah, I'm with you on the console streak(knocks on wood), I still have my original NES from 1985 in working condition. Blow Tap Tap Click, I think that was the combo to make those stubborn games play, right?

AceofStaves2431d ago

I have no idea why you got disagrees for such a sensible comment. Have a bubble for presenting the sensible perspective.

Mine won't be shipping out until the third week in November. I've never had any hardware problems with my previous Sony consoles, so here's hoping my streak continues with PS4.

TheHater2431d ago

Here is how to fix this. NeoGAF FTW BTW

Take HDD out
Boot up PS4 without Hard Drive.
Turn off PS4.
Put hard drive back in
Boot up hard drive
Automatically installs firmware

XisThatKid2430d ago

yea in like 5 years but am glad they did fix it though

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BX812431d ago

You have 18 disagrees so far. Not sure if it's ms fans saying failing ps4's are a good thing or Sony fans denying this is a big deal.

u got owned2431d ago

I know i guess for some PS4 failing is a good thing.

AngelicIceDiamond2431d ago

Yeah, there's always problems with consoles when they launch nobody can help that. I'm sure MS will have problems as well.

I see why this is news but I just want people to keep their head on strait and not blow this out of proportion.

Abriael2431d ago

Looks like someone's already throwing sh*t at the wall, hoping that it sticks.

Gazondaily2431d ago

Oh come on man....I'm eating now as well!

iamnsuperman2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Sadly you only have to shart a little bit (we have all done it) and it would be picked up and reported on as a huge issue. It would make more sense to wait/investigate more thoroughly before reporting something like this. I swear I need to start my own website an show how to do things

Poseiden202431d ago

Not the almighty tank that is the gamecube!

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boneso822431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

I'm kind of glad that we are having to wait 2 weeks longer for our consoles in the UK. Hopefully all these little bugs and/or glitches are patched and ironed out in the first couple of weeks of launch. Thanks for being our test bed US!

iiwii2431d ago

yep, and there will be similar reports when the XBox 1 starts reaching consumers. thats what your warranty is for.

DOMination-2431d ago

Indeed this is likely to happen with both consoles but I must admit the small size of that ps4 does worry me a little. Fingers crossed everbody has a smooth ride whichever console they choose.

Ashunderfire862431d ago

Guys its true check this out quick and spread this like wild fire!!!

brich2332431d ago

Yes but technology has gotten better since 7-8 years ago. Just like the internet usage has increased since 7-8 years ago.

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GarrusVakarian2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

Fingers crossed mine is fine and fingers crossed this won't be a common occurrence, ive had my 360 and PS3 for years without a single hiccup.

I don't want another red ring of death/yellow light of death scenario happening again.

Blackdeath_6632431d ago

the tacobell guys may have the wrong update since the final updates went live just after they received their console. anyhow if one of the journalist who got a free ps4 has his/hers break down knowing what gaming journalist are like you can bet they will talk about. if that does happen that's when alarm bells will be ringing imo they got their copy after the final update was out

Nujabes_2431d ago

This is a risk early console buyers take, and they know it. I always wait for a hardware revision before buying my consoles because of things like this. The RROD fiasco was enough for me.

colt-of-tipton2431d ago

hopefully just a few cases of this happening , don't want another red or yellow light of death this gen .

AgitatedOcelot2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

There will be thousands of defective PS4's and thousands of defective Xbox One's, but hopefully neither will have an RROD level defect on their hands.

In an age of open communication like this were going to be hearing, quite likely loudly, about every problem experienced from users of both consoles.

_QQ_2431d ago

There is a video of a ps4 demo station bricking at target, kotaku's PS4 crashed too.

Starbucks_Fan2431d ago

I might get an extended warranty since I'm a plus member.

sAVAge_bEaST2431d ago

It comes with a year warranty, and you can purchase the extended warranty,with in that time.

Pillsbury12431d ago

There wil always be a certain percentage of failure rates with new hardware. I'm confident Sony designed the ps4 with great care.

badkolo2431d ago

wow excuses already, so i hope to see the same sentiment if any x1's fail at launch if this is proven

scott1822431d ago

As long as it's not 30% like the 360 and more of a normal 1-2% it is fine.

GarrusVakarian2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

"i hope to see the same sentiment if any x1's fail at launch if this is proven"

Harmlessly poking fun at each other on a day to day basis is one thing but i could never imagine anyone laughing at someone if their console broke/failed. That's just cold. To spend hundreds of £/$ on your favourite hobby for it to mess up is no joking matter.

ZBlacktt2431d ago

Awh, ever heard of RROD? You know something that went on for 3 years. Something that caused MS to lose One Billion dollars and change the 360's motherboard 6 times. With a fail rate of reported topping 50%.

Again, some random screen name with a possible problem. Or a well documented case of bad manufacturing.

Pillsbury12431d ago

Excuses? What excuses?? With ANY hardware launch there are hardware that fails. Did I mention microsofts horrible failure rate or the obvious xb1 rush to market? NO.

MrDead2431d ago


The average for new electronic products is a 15% failure rate in its first 3 to 4 years.

ziggurcat2431d ago

@ badkolo:

it's a faulty HDMI port, get over yourself.

Underworld2430d ago

How is that an excuse? All consoles do have problems at launch. It's normal. The question is to what level. If its on the level of the RROD then it's unacceptable.

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