In Second Part of NBA 2K14′s Michael Jordan Interview, He Picks His Ultimate Team and More

To celebrate the launch of the next-gen versions of NBA 2K14, 2K released the second part to their Michael Jordan uncensored segment.

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badboy7762778d ago

I wanna be Like Mike!!!

VanguardOfCalamity2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Off the shelf - in my hands - off the check out line - into my car - off the stairs - into my PS4...nothin but net :D

<spell check> edit

ATiElite2778d ago

Magic Johnson and Big Game James Worthy LAKERS RULE!

Plus Scottie and Hakeem and Jordan yeh that team would NEVER LOOSE!

Larry Bird

would be needed to get these guys off the court!

OsirisBlack2778d ago

Man even the legends look good.


"Georgetown guys don't block shots, all they do is take charges", I love it.

VanguardOfCalamity2778d ago

^^ this - makes me wish Jordan shared more when it comes to his playing days.. the story about him and his brother both wanting #45 but because his brother was older Jordan picked 23 because it was "half" of 45 .. something i didn't know either. :)

305LoneWolf2778d ago

Legend looks great.. I like this interview, now I know how he got number "23" and his favorite kicks, I like the 11s as well..

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