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Launch day is nearly upon us. After a jaunt to New York, where Sony had rented out a Manhattan hotel for the purpose of demoing the new Playstation’s UI, games and hardware,

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GiantEnemyCrab2772d ago

"’ll say that I’ve spent time with Knack, Killzone, and a few other games, and I have yet to see anything to truly justify a day one purchase. "

I can't believe they can even say these things without having the system for more than a day.

darthv722772d ago

seriously, who buys a next gen system purely on the basis of the launch games.

we all know the real next gen experience will come in time. I'd be a day 1 purchaser if my wife hadnt lost her job. So for me....i have to wait till tax time.

Ezz20132772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

""seriously, who buys a next gen system purely on the basis of the launch games.""

i have no idea too
i never buy a console based on launch titles
i'm buying ps4 for
sony's 1st/2nd party studios
best version of multiplat games on consoles

and sorry about your wife losing her job
that sucks

Godmars2902772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"seriously, who buys a next gen system purely on the basis of the launch games."

Hasn't that only been the Xbox camp's argument?

pivotplease2772d ago

It's forbes. Then again, it isn't a terrible insult. The majority of people don't buy day one, so whatever concerns they have are pretty arbitrary. I'm sure the people who pick one up though will have more than enough entertainment for the next two or three months.I'm still playing Ni No Kuni, Kingdoms of Amalur, Ico, Dragon's Dogma, and Demons Souls. Need to pick up Into the Nexus and Ascension still as well. I definitely wasn't built for this kind of multitasking. It's like switching between MGS3 and 4 controls lol.

inf3cted12771d ago

Then I dont understand why so many preorders. I usually wait and see what system performs the best after a while and choose a console.

rainslacker2771d ago

As much as I'm getting 2 PS4's by Friday(one tomorrow at midnight), that isn't a untrue statement subjectively. If there aren't any games that a person wants at launch, then there is no reason to get the system at launch. It doesn't preclude them from getting a system later, when software finally becomes available.

A person may still want to get the system for it's future games, but may be able to wait until those future games are available. There are launch games I want to play, so I'm getting mine day one.

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ZBlacktt2772d ago

Again, these are random people's opinions. They should mean very little to you. Your experience will be just that, your own. Could be the same or totally different. People are taking these to heart when they amount to nothing more then how the reviewer feels.

GTgamer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

You buy a Console for the long run end of story its all about whats to come enjoy your PS4 my fellow gamers because you all know you will love it as i will.

Anon19742771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Anyone else remember the dogpile the press had on the PS3 at launch? Pretty much every site out there nitpicked the hell outta it. It was called "slow and broken", given 5's and 6's out of 10 and for years afterwards, despite the fact that it was handily outselling the Xbox 360 at a higher price...the gaming media tried to convince us over and over what a disaster the whole thing was. The PS3 was a failure and was due to be discontinued any day, and one wants Blu-Ray! DVD is just fine! Anyone remember that?

Do you think any of those sites printed a retraction? A quick "Oh, by the way we ended up being dead wrong?"

I didn't see any.

Killzoner992771d ago

Exactly, and that's what the gaming media is doing now with their smear campaign against the PS4. I have yet to see a site give Killzone a 10 which is completely outrageous. I've even seen some sites say the PS4 brings nothing new to the industry. It is a FACT that Microsoft owns many of the gaming sites out there so you can't believe what you read anymore.

rainslacker2771d ago


The fact that no site has given out 10's for it(taking your word on that here) is rather dodgy considering how 10's were dished out like cheap hard candy at grandma's house this gen for the most average of games.

So when looked at logically, one has to ask themselves, are those review scores skewed towards hit generation, or has the press suddenly become much more critical of how it reviews games and is actually looking at them in terms of quality game play? It would seem that the more logical would be true here, and that's the former option.

I'm sorry, but given the exciting nature of a brand new generation, the amazing graphics of the game itself, the bump in AI and abilities of a next gen game, that this game would rate higher than what we currently have available, or at least on the same level. This is particularly true since the game has gotten a lot of praise from preview events where people have played the game already, so it's rather jarring when suddenly the game becomes what is considered sub-par in the scoring space nowadays.

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re2_apocalypse2772d ago

Man, Less then 2 days... I'm so damn excited, I can't contain it sometimes. PS4 is gonna dominate this generation

OrangePowerz2772d ago

14 days for me :(
You lucky Northern American inhabitants :)

Cyb3r2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Man I wish we had the same launch day in Europe another 2 weeks to go for me:(

re2_apocalypse2772d ago

Feel sorry for you guys :( But it will be worth it in the end :)

OrangePowerz2772d ago

Is there every really something that justifies a day one purchase of a console?

Besides of the Wii I bought all consoles on launch since the DC and there was never really a reason to NEED to buy one on launch. Compared to previous console launches the launch lineups of both consoles are a lot better than what people got in the past.

Cyb3r2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I agree the only console that justified buying a console on launch day for me was the N64. Back in the day Mario 64 was mindblowing

TKCMuzzer2772d ago

60 fps will justify it for me. I never feel these reviewers are real gamers, maybe its because most things are provided for them so access is easy and their slightly away from reality of gamers playing on one system for years. I'm ready for day one and there is plenty I want.

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