America’s Internet Isn’t Ready for the PS4, Xbox One

"The PS4 and Xbox One beckon you online. But if you live in America, your Internet may not support your dreams"

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sigfredod2778d ago

A reliable and fast internet is still an issue, only a few european and asian countries have a real top notch service and even them in just specific cities, it will be a while until a real fast internet service is available for everyone

darthv722778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Next on the president's agenda....affordable internet act.


cleft52778d ago

Actually, I would be okay with that but only if they had someone else design their web site.

decrypt2778d ago

Haha if the government designed anything it would be a catastrophe just like Obombacare. Most people insurances actually cost them more now before Bombacare.

Jeedai Infidel2778d ago

NO. Do not let the government, especially this administration, ever regulate the internet. They would appoint an internet Tzar that would monitor the sh*t out of everything we do on here. Don't get me started about these Marxist/Progressive clowns that are ruining this country. Sorry.

Corpser2778d ago

We'll give everyone internet access by giving fines to those that don't have one!

KillrateOmega2778d ago

Crap! Someone beat me to the Obamacare website joke...

GameSpawn2778d ago

@Darth and Cleft - Lolz.

@Jeedai Infidel
Take off the tin foil man. We aren't talking full on regulation here. Just a kick in the pants to ISPs to (1) lower their outrageous rates - (2) funding for government development projects to seriously upgrade the infrastructure responsible for delivering the internet throughout the country.

Personally I think there are more important aspects of the US's infrastructure that are in dire need of repair/upgrading vs the internet, but it is definitely an issue that needs addressing.

dcbronco2778d ago

The Pricing on American Internet is so high because there is no real competition. Except for a few markets. Washington DC is one of those markets and Comcast offers 150mbs ans Verizon offers 300mbs.But the country has been divided amongst the companies so that they don't rip each others profits apart. It's the "free market" we hear so much about.

kreate2778d ago


For the first time, i agree with u with a smile.

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FarEastOrient2778d ago

They're not coming fast enough, come on Google we know you can do it.

Battlefieldlover2778d ago

I have 30 down and 5 up. PS3 only showed 10down and 1.5 up and I was happy with my online gaming. If the ps4 (which is in KS right now) can get more I'll be happy as hell :)

Toman852778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

I have 100mbit up and 100mbit down (100/100mbit) with fiber. Then my internet is ready for PS4 and Xbox One :)

But im not a american hehe :P

Battlefieldlover2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

@Toman You have 100mbps upload?!?! Holy shiiiii"tacos are good". No offence but stay out of US severs, we can handle that kind of awesome.

Edit: Can't

AirHype2778d ago

I get business class speeds from comcast to my home free :))

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Neonridr2778d ago

I always go wired whenever I can. I have a port switch at the back of my TV stand with an ethernet cable running through the wall to around the corner where my router is located. You can't see any of the wires, and this makes my Wii U, 360, TV and Home Theatre systems all used wired connections.

UnHoly_One2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Yeah my cable modem and router is in my entertainment center, so ALL of my stuff is wired.

Although now that I think about it, I probably need to grab a bigger switch to add more connections, or else I'm going to have to change my PS3 and 360 to wireless.

I can't imagine this guy was having so many problems, even with a 12 mbps connection. When mine was slower than that I could still multitask like crazy and never had issues with voice chat or anything.

Neonridr2778d ago

My connection is 15mbps. I usually am not doing a lot of internet heavy traffic while I am playing online though, so I usually don't have any issues. If I am downloading a game from Steam or streaming movies, I usually do that when I am not doing any online gaming.

AaronMK2778d ago

Just because his connection is rated at 12 Mbps does not mean he actually gets that speed.

When I had paid for a 20 Mbps connection on Verizon, I got those speeds consistently with everything for which you could reasonably expect.

With Bright House I have at least 15 Mbps, but it is a crap-shoot if I actually get that speed, most of the time I don't. (For example, it struggles to keep up with Netflix streams which max out at 7 Mbps when that is the only thing running.)

SpinalRemains1382778d ago

Speak for yourself. I have superb data speeds here in NY.

True_Samurai2778d ago

Got good internet at home in Alabama and at my college

saikorican2778d ago

Once again, that is good for you but most people don't. High speed reliable Internet is still ugh more expensive/hard to find than it really needs to be at least in my case in the US.

Hicken2778d ago

I think, rather than speaking for every single individual, the article is talking about "in general."

In other words, far too many people DON'T have superb data speeds. I mean, do all 300+ million Americans live in New York?

SpinalRemains1382777d ago

No, but the US has many many urban areas with superb data. You see, most of those 300 million are concentrated within those areas. Those are the customers.

Yes the US is huge and yes there are areas which lack the infrastructure to run contemporary technology through a high speed internet connection, but we can't make the mistake of speaking as if the US is internet is so bad that "its not ready for ps4..."

That just isn't true.

Hicken2777d ago

Not true at all. Here in Atlanta, we've got wifi out the wazoo, but general internet speeds are pretty slow.

In fact, about the only places that are really ready are the few cities with Google Fiber. Everybody else is just pretending.

Death2778d ago

Maybe someone should let the author know that wifi limits your internet speeds. The reason it is recommended plugging into the ethernet jack is these limits are removed. It doesn't matter how fast you providers speed is if the wireless speed your router has is capped.

AaronMK2778d ago

While more wireless devices will cut down on wireless capacity available for each device, the bottleneck for most people is still their Internet connection, even with many devices on the same access point.