AMD Kaveri Closest to True APU - Intel Haswell and Trinity Comparison

AMD Kaveri is the closest yet to a True APU. Compared to Intel Haswell and last gen Trinity, Kaveri Stands Out.

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Kleptic2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Can't help but be a little disappointed with Kaveri, so far...the updates with steamroller cores doesn't seem to add the cpu-side performance than many hoped least for PC gaming; these apu's are still extremely weak (i.e. the kaveri apu ran BF4 at 30-40fps on medium 1080)...

AMD can dance and shout day and night about how impressive their apu's are compared to Intel's integrated graphics...but the fact remains; amd simply isn't showing much innovation on the cpu side...and all this impressive tech still results in well below what most pc gamers would deem acceptable...

Now...if AMD announces an FM2+ socket full cpu, with a focus on gaming, using 4,6, or 8 steamrooler cores (as in a new FX series with updated cores, and built on a more modern socket structure)...and NO gpu...they'll be instantly considered in the enthusiast market again...but I don't see how many potential gamers are going to go with an apu only to disable the igpu for a discrete card...of which, even kaveri, has a gpu weaker than that of the xbox one...