Here's How To Command The PS4 With Your Voice

Sony has released the digital manual for the PS4 today, which you can find here, and one of the sections covers the voice command functionality of the system and another the light indicators.

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solidsheep2773d ago

Was watching the gamespot guy's play around with this and it didn't seem that bad. Its good way to go through your game list if its packed.

majiebeast2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The weirder the accent the better it worked, he had no problems getting the voice commands to work with a Arnold Schwartzenegger impression.

yarbie10002773d ago

Do you have a link to that gamespot video? I'd like to watch it..Thank you if anyone replies with the link.

Mosiac772773d ago ShowReplies(6)
1nsomniac2773d ago

The fact that it lists the available options is awesome, no more guessing!

creid23522773d ago

Maybe it has a port to plug up Kinect so it will work effectively.

silvacrest2773d ago

believe it or not, from what i have seen, kinect ain't that accurate either

rela82me2773d ago

Really? Because every video I have seen has worked fantastic, I have seen one video where they had to repeat the command every once and awhile but that was it. In fact word is that once you get used to giving it commands it works well over the majority of the time. Nothing will operate at 100% perfection, but it is damn close from what I see.

Pascalini2773d ago

Watched the gamespot lot and it hardly ever worked

Only when they did a silly voice

Works much better with kinect

Loki862773d ago

Could I get a link to that, I haven't seen it yet.

dennett3162773d ago

Actually, there were reports from numerous sites that stated a 100% success rate with the PS4 voice system, while also stating a 25% failure rate with Kinect when used by a Microsoft rep - sometimes he had to say the same command at least 4 times.

And what's better? You don't even need the camera to use voice control with the PS4...the bundled headset is enough.

nukeitall2773d ago


Kinect One has advanced processing integrated right into the chips to do voice command, yet somehow PS Eye is better.

That is why Sony has shown the feature in public, right?

silvacrest2773d ago


the difference is MS made it pretty clear that kinect is their focus, sony did not

mi_titan272773d ago

wonder if in the gamespot stream earlier, it was having a hard time because of multiple people talking in the same room and background noise?

solidsheep2773d ago

It seemed to work best with the mono headphone plugged in. When they connected the head phone it seemed to work near 100%

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etownone2773d ago

I only use voice commands with Xbox to pause and play movies on Netflix.

It's pretty cool, and I'm sure the ps4 will have that feature too.

Ju2773d ago

Ha ha, btw, Netflix removed Kinect support in their latest update because - shocking - nobody is using it.


etownone2773d ago

Not the voice controls.... Just the gesture controls.

And it's because they want a unified experience across all platforms.

Nice try jackass

Ju2773d ago

Hey, nice calling me names. Guess it's not me being at the wrong party here.

etownone2772d ago


You act like a troll, you get treated like one.

Get your facts straight next time kid

Ju2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What? That's the statement there now:

"All if this backend innovation will have one casualty though: Jaffe told us that Xbox 360 users who update to the new interface won't be able to use Kinect gesture control anymore" - and I am pretty sure this was edited. Because when I first read this, it said "according to internal stats from Netflix Kinect was hardly used". Should have taken a screenshot.

Yeah, it sure was, because it also changed the statement that Netflix is not on XO - "because of a conflict of UI guidelines with MS UI requirements" or something while now there is:

"The only device guaranteed not to be on the docket? The Xbox One: Netflix says it's been working with Microsoft to create an experience that matches the existing Xbox paradigm. It might leave the console out of uniform, but the company promises us it'll look sharp, all the same."

MS police was fast on this one.

And, btw, I'd quite certain I am older than you, kid.

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