PS3 preview in Manhattan (Cnet TV)

CNET's Rich DeMuro gets hands-on with Sony's next-generation game console. Here's what he saw.

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Monchichi0254464d ago

The PS3 is nothing special compared to the 360. Whooa, glad I made "Jumped in!" But maybe 4 years from now I'll think about getting one again.

death monk4464d ago

If the price drops down the road and there are enough games that I want which I can't get on the 360, I too would consider getting one.

wildcat4463d ago

Why do you feel the need to comment on the PS3 if you don't care for it anymore. I don't get it. If I didn't care for the wii or 360, I wouldn't comment on how I don't like it. Just saying.

death monk4461d ago

I'm not saying I don't like the PS3, people need to understand this. I'm saying that I'm content with one system right now. If there are enough exclusives that I would enjoy, then down the road I might purchase a PS3. I think it's kind of funny that 3 people disagreed with my last comment.

candystop4464d ago

The games just don't look interesting and the console looks flimsy! I don't know if it's just me but I think that the PS3 has been way over rated! I remember hearing that the 360 can run a slide show and play movies from one console onto at least 5 televisions in the house! How this works I don't know but I wonder if PS3 can do that! I just think that if your smart you'll hold off on a PS3 for a bit and see if they start to deliver what they promised back at E3'05! Also why does PS3 look older than 360 already? It's like xbox all over again except you can't hide because it enormous!

Retard4464d ago

Inciting of the riot. This is a preview with demo units, why do you guys always have to bring something retarded that someone is going to agrue; always turning the forums into junk.

If you're not impressed just click the "Lame" button don't post redunant material for the bizllionith time. ;[

candystop4464d ago

If any of you guys can't face the truth then it's your problem! Sony has talked nothing but crap and it looks like it's going to come back and haunt them! I want the best for all of the consoles and the gamers but Sony needs to be laid to rest or put in place! They started this stupid war and it's going to continue the more that they provoke it! The PS3 just doesn't look appealing and the only thing I would use it for would be to play blu-ray movies! Take it personal whine and write me back because these are my opiions just like you have yours! The PS3 may suprise us in the future but who knows and that's why I will stick to my 360 and PS2!

wildcat4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

to have your opinions, but do you have to state them all the time. if you're not impressed, then PS3 fans don't need to hear about it, just like 360 fans don't need to hear about their system being bashed. You're not changing anybody's mind. Just stop posting comments saying how you dislike the console.

Balance4464d ago

not that it matters but this is the first time i have seen a normal size guy hold it, it is huge!. from the front lying down it looks like an old black 70s 8 track or cassette player

ACE4464d ago

its huge so whats the japs gona do now? :) . n e way the 360 and the ps3 r good next gen consoles but at the moment the 360 has games that I like . i also think the ps3 is over hyped , sony will have there day at launch but once the dust sets we will see .

subcell4464d ago

Who cares if you don't like the PS3! You are missing something really special...I got the same feelings when I first got my 360...

Depressed Morons!!!

ACE4464d ago

theres no need to call real gamers morons .

ASTAROTH4462d ago

Was a Sony Fan... a "REAL GAMER"?. This site its nuts. LOL!! Go WAD A SONY FAN... THE REAL GAYMER.

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The story is too old to be commented.