Remote Play hands-on: streaming PlayStation 4 to your PS Vita | The Verge

What's it like to play 'Battlefield 4' on a 5-inch screen?

With Remote Play, you can stream PlayStation 4 games and play them on a PS Vita — and barring a few caveats, it works surprisingly well.

Ross Miller shows how to set up PS4's Remote Play and provides first impressions of how it works on day one.

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majiebeast2778d ago

Gamespot is doing a livestream right now. They showed remote play with BF4 and started to move away from the system and i think he was 40-60 feet away. Only then did the lag became unbearable this was direct connection of PS4 and Vita. Really impressive so far. Could be a killer feature especially when it takes a day for devs to implement.

Neonridr2778d ago

40-60 feet away with line of sight? I can go downstairs into my bathroom with my Wii U gamepad and I still can play on it.

I wonder if this works the same way..

majiebeast2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

From what i saw he was walking down hallways and everything, they had a seperate camera crew to follow him. I think you can probably use it throughout the entire house. I would like to see a test with Wifi.

Neonridr2778d ago

@majiebeast - glad to see that. I don't plan on getting a Vita when I get a PS4, but good to know that the option is there down the road.

FamilyGuy2778d ago

It depends on the signal strength of your router, more specifically it's antenna range. Some household wifi signals are accessible up to a block away while others only go out about 50 feet in all directions.

These sort of test are completely dependent on your router. The online test are dependent on your internet speeds.

Megaman842778d ago

Is it me or dose this remind me of Nintendo wii U set up with the wii pad???

psDrake2778d ago

The difference is that PS Vita is itself a console with an expanding library.

Sony isn't advertising Vita as a peripheral but rather a killer complementary device with awesome potential.

Neonridr2778d ago

yes but with that comes the inevitability that not everyone will have a Vita to go along with the system. So while remote play is a nice feature, not all games will support it. And on top of that, developers might not create unique gameplay elements around utilizing the Vita because only a fraction of the install base will be able to enjoy it.

That being said, I am glad to see it working like it's supposed to.

majiebeast2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )


If it doesnt use a camera its gonna have remote play. Blizzard said it wouldnt then barely a day later they say it does.

dolkrak2778d ago

@neon : no, remote play is done on the hardware / OS level, so every game will make it work. The devs basically have nothing to do to make it work. It already works with every launch game.