Third Party Developers Are Hurting The Wii's Image

Nintendo Fan Alliance's Mike writes:

"I wrote an article a little while back asking a very simple question; 'Is the Wii too under powered?' The many responses I received on the subject were mixed, but for the most part, surprisingly negative. The majority of the people who posted slammed the Wii's lack of horse power and made it out like I was comparing the console to the 360 or PS3, which the article was not doing. The article was written to see if Wii owner's were happy with the quality of games being developed by Nintendo and third party developers, nothing more, nothing less. Looking back, I could see how someone who only read the title of the article could come in with all guns blazing. So, I'll be a little more clear this time."

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JsonHenry3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I think it is too underpowered for a "next gen" console. But then again I did only pay $250 for, unlike the 360 and the PS3. So for my money, I am enjoying the gamecube with motion controls.

But am I sad that with awesome controls that would make playing an RTS or a FPS on a console a LOT of fun - it doesn't have the power to pull them off.

Maybe next time around?

**EDIT - Also, a competent online/multiplayer solution would have been nice as well. Actually, it would have been king maker for Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3826d ago

" But am I sad that with awesome controls that would make playing an RTS or a FPS on a console a LOT of fun - it doesn't have the power to pull them off.

how does it not have the power?
RTS's still haven't seen a game, but its possible( sprite based RTS are fine too i mean Red alert 2 looked nice, but 3d isnt impossible either)
And FPS have been done just poorly. Hope that high voltage makes it up

Xi3826d ago

I think it's nintendo hurting themselves by not offering support to 3rd party developers.

MS helped developers with live and certain features of the console
Sony has been trying to help developers with code workshops

nintendo has been sitting there watching their profits roll in without helping 3rd party developers, and unless they do something 3rd party support will eventually drop the system.

nintendostar3826d ago

You're wrong by the way and here is a link to proof.

ChickeyCantor3826d ago

" We have implemented some methods to allow streaming, progressive loading, and even P2P data-file distribution and these features may be used in future games. Again, the bottom line is that the Nintendo Wii is a very connected device and developers can absolutely design games that are rich with online features.

Awesome =D

Jdoki3826d ago

Nintendo, by accident or design, have placed the Wii in a 'casual, non-hardcore, mass market no-man's-land'.

Old classics like Mario Kart and Super Mario / Mario 64 platform games are turning in to watered down pale imitations of their former glories.

I have been a staunch Nintendo supporter for many many years. New Nintendo hardware is always a day 1 purchase for me. There's only so many times you can hear Nintendo cry 'we still love the hardcore gamers'. The reality seems to me that they don't really care about anything but profit and are having an almighty laugh at the consumers expense.

I think the Wii is just a 'nothing' console now. It's not providing anything particularly new in terms of utilising the Wiimote, or even pushing games using traditional controls.

Smash Bros Brawl is the only game that seems to have really offered a satisfying sequel to an existing Nintendo franchise. Most third party stuff is generic and horrible, obviously cashing in on the cheaper development costs and the fact that the non-gamer market, that has been so enthusiastically jumped on the Wii bandwagon, know no better than to accept the crud being churned out.

Nintendo seem happy to sit back and knock out insipid updates to once great games, and yet fail to tackle the really interesting potential in their archives. Pikmin seems a shoe in for the Wii and yet we've heard nothing. Pilot Wings or Kid Icarus would both lend themselves to the Wiimote fantastically.

Nothing has changed from the Gamecube era. Third parties don't seem to be taking the Wii seriously. It's a money making device and nothing more. The Wii is not a fad, and that's now starting to look like a really unfortunate thing!

Ivix3826d ago

Super Mario Galaxy is watered down?

Jdoki3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

Compared to Mario 64, I think it's a lesser experience. I may be in a minority (of 1 perhaps!!), but I found Galaxy a pretty turgid game with nothing new. Sure it was OK fun to begin with, but mainly because it'd been so long since a Mario 3D game had been released - but after a while it just became a bit boring.

Wow, they wrapped basic levels barely worthy of a Spiro game around spheres and all of a sudden it's a classic!

Pointless Wiimote control thrown in and suddenly reviewers are wondering how they ever collected pick-ups on a screen before!

I don't think it did anything new or innovative compared to past Nintendo efforts. The game could have been done on a Gamecube and used the GC controller to equal or better effect. Most people I know (including casual gamers) found the Wiimote controls a bit of a faff. Having to wave the Wiimote to make Mario spin could have been done with a single button press.

In fact I would say that Mario Sunshine coupled with the Wiimote would have made for a more interesting game mechanic than waving the controller about to pick up ammo and spin around!

KeiZka3825d ago

One does not release all of the good ones within year and a half from the system launch, or does one?

danger_ranger953826d ago

I mean Mario Galaxy was a solid decent Mario game, but I've always said that the Wiimote would've suited Sunshine way better. I was consistantly bashed on Gamespot for making a thread reguarding the matter. Insane

M64 is just too nostalgic for me. But again, it was a cool game.

-----on topic-----

I think it depends on what type of gamer you are and what type of games your play in regards to the article. I'm not as 'hardcore' as I used to be, and I really don't have a lot of time to play as much as I would like. There are good games out there for the Wii. I think alot of it has to do with the 3rd parties' advertising/marketing for their games. I've yet to see one commercial on TV for a Wii game that would marketed towards the "hardcorer" besides REDSTEEL and a Wrestling game.

If you don't advertise, or have lame ass commercials...people will never know about the game nor want to play it. Nintendo's "We would like to play" was brilliant because it appeals to everyone.

f7897903825d ago

Third party developers are killing the Wii's image in gamers eyes because they mostly make mini-games. Kids however only see fun in these games and they get a Wii so it really doesnt matter to Nintendo