Flower and Flow’s New PlayStation 4 Screenshots are Jaw-Dropping

"Interestingly enough, the newest screenshots from Thatgamecompany’s PlayStation 4 ports of the sleeper hits Flower and Flow, are perhaps one of the best examples of just how good games running on the PlayStation 4 look."

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Saviour1896d ago

this and journey best indie title imo, one of few games which makes me want PS console badly.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1896d ago

Get one! Join us brother, join us in greatness!

Donnywholovedbowling1896d ago

You sound like you're part of a cult. I think it's people like that who turn away people who would want to "join us in greatness".

Thehyph1896d ago

thatgamecompany puts a focus on tranquility, and they execute it well.

nikrel1896d ago

I don't want to look!

I don't want to spoil the fun of a new system.

The excitement of exploring & experiencing something unknown is a rare treat, something I haven't felt in over 6 years.

PoSTedUP1896d ago

looks good. i loved floating around in this game on the ps3, personally i cant wait for the Vita version.. oh wait, i could just stream the ps4 image to my vita ^_^y. i keep forgetting. its prob cross-buy too.

Skate-AK1896d ago

If you own the PS3 version I am pretty sure you get the Vita and PS4 version for free.

Thehyph1896d ago

Don't know if you've noticed in the last 18 hours since this post, but it is cross buy, and it's on the north american store for vita right now. It's not advertised in any normal way. If you type 'flower' into the search bar it will be one of the results. It won't show price or anything until you touch the search result. It's 404MB and I can confirm it works as I got it yesterday.

You probably know already as of this post. If so, disregard.

PoSTedUP1895d ago

yeah i just found out yesterday, thanks tho. its crazy i had no idea. i still need to deactivate a ps3, i messed up when i go my vita, i made a new account and my PS3 and vita accounts arent linked :(

skeeter22751896d ago

Is this Flower the same as it was on PS3 or did they improve the graphics and such?

myothercar1896d ago

These sub-HD sized screenshots failed to place my jaw in a dropped position as claimed in the article title.

But hey! At least they got a click. That's what REALLY matters /s

AgentSmithPS41896d ago

I wanted 1080p sized :(.

Your avatar/pic was sub-HD (sadly) but the hot gal with the 'tiny' boobs still brought joy to my heart.

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