IGN UK: Wii Fit Review

IGN writes: "It's ultimately an exercise package and if you don't want to get fit, then Wii Fit's obviously a complete waste of money and time. What's more, it's certainly not the be all and end all of health improvement – if you're looking for a six pack and an army of the opposite sex on tap then you probably want to give your local gym a visit. However, on the understanding that you're signing up for either casual use or a supplementary exercise regime, then Wii Fit is undeniably great value. It's beautifully presented, joyfully accessible and effortlessly entertaining. We've barely touched on the Balance Board here, but it's a reassuringly constructed, surprisingly adept – if potentially limited - bit of kit. And that pretty much sums Wii Fit up perfectly."

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wiizy3830d ago

wiifit is another step forward in what next generation is suppose to be.