Arstechnica - Impressions: Our first day with the PlayStation 4 is full of surprises

Kyle Orland: We've had our very own PlayStation 4 here in the Ars Orbiting HQ for a little under 24 hours—not quite enough time to dig into things for a comprehensive review of a new game console. At the time of this writing, Sony had yet to enable the firmware version 1.5 "Day One" update that enables a host of features from Remote Play to DVD playback. Furthermore, the company hasn’t yet let pre-release systems onto the PlayStation Network to test anything that requires an Internet connection, which covers pretty much everything except disc-based single-player games (which we will have coverage of shortly).

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SpinalRemains1382460d ago

Even as a person who couldn't care less about aesthetics when it comes to electronics (I'd play a turd if it was awesome), the PS4 is a nice looking console. I like that white Xbox One too.

Visiblemarc2460d ago

Kinda getting sick of "reporters" pretending to be baffled by design choices which they may not like, but are easily interpreted.

He does this frequently in this article.

Particularly irritatinf is when he criticizes voice commands, confused that you have to follow a game's name with the word "start." Yeah, maybe because people conversing about which game to play next don't want to have to load and exit every mentioned option? Or would he rather have to discuss the games by code name? Maybe Kinect handles this differently, or even better,but to act like it's so hard to understand makes him seem fumbling and dimwitted.

Reviewers, if you dislike features, just say so and save being "completely baffled" for things that require effort to comprehend, especially if you want to be taken seriously.

T22460d ago

great post. there could be a multitude of reasons why you have to say "start"... maybe they were thinking of other options like "delete" or "save" or any other list of commands.
seriously some people don't think for a second.