Adam Boyes: “If you’re a fan of Japanese games & VITA, then hopefully we’ll have a treat for you”

Sony had recently launched a third party production team, whose goal was to bring more third party games to the PlayStation family. It also included a localization team, to bring more localized titles from Japan to the PlayStation family. Adam Boyes has promised more things to come on VITA next year, from this third party production team.

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chestnut11221801d ago

I love My Vita and Fully Support Japanese Games, Let's Get it on Sony!

Sony's On a roll.

A bright future is coming on the way for the PS Vita.

abzdine1801d ago

i want an HD remaster of Dragon Quest VIII more than anything else.

blitz06231801d ago

Type 0 on the Vita would be epic

dboyman1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Dear God Yes That would be awesome. Dragon Quest VIII was an awesome PS2 classic! A portable version of that game be perfect for the Vita! Do it Sony!!

user55757081801d ago

guess ill buy a vita. was so confused at first i thought why would squarenix not release a final fantasy title in the west

SegaGamer1801d ago

They aren't on a roll yet, they have talked big but that is it at the moment.

I would love it if they got PSO2 and Shenmue. That would be amazing.

SaiyanFury1801d ago

Oh my God, this is great news. Sony continues to do exactly what I want in a gaming company. I love my Vita, and will continue to do so for a long time to come. Now, if this new third party publishing studio could possibly bring Yakuza 5 and beyond over here, I would almost worship Sony as a gaming god. Thank you!

rainslacker1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

This is the best news I've heard all day. I love that Sony is now going to be a 3rd party publisher for localizing games. NISA and Atlus are great, but this will open up the chances of getting some of those big Japanese games that Japanese publishers seem reluctant to bring over, but are too expensive to localize for the smaller publishers.

What's even more exciting is that most calls for localization are for those JRPG's that never seem to make it stateside anymore.:) If they can manage to bring back PS2 levels of JRPG goodiness, it will be a great generation for me.

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kratoz12091801d ago


I would love a Persona announcement.

PS4isKing_821801d ago

PlayStation bringing back the glory days. It's about damn time.

RiPPn1801d ago

Hope they plan to work with Namco Bandai and bring over the Vita "Tales" games.

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The story is too old to be commented.