Mass Effect 4 News – The Producer Himself Got “Stunned”

The stellar trilogy is ready to stun its die-hard fans with another fabulous sequel of Mass Effect. The fans are like craving for some sort of news about the upcoming game and here I am yet again to provide you guys with it.

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DrRobotnik3367d ago

I'm not worried about Bioware delivering an awesome Mass Effect experience. I'm worried about EA executives, sitting in the corner over there, ready to pounce and push the game out for sale during the alpha build.

colonel1793366d ago

They surely had to learn their lesson with the backlash they got for Mass Effect 3. They will definitely deliver this time. Also, they change to Frostbite will be great for the franchise. I can't wait to see how it looks!

thisismyaccount3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Indeed, especially after Don Mattrick and Peter Moore exchanged their positions at the same time, the same day, same month, same year - coincidence? :)

Peter Moore left MS to join EA Sports
Don left EA Spots to join Microsoft...

One is gone... but the EA+M$ partnership is strong as ever. There is a slim chance of them pulling the "timed-excluvise" card....

Anyway... im not sure if ME still has the same appeal as before when it what new and fresh... definitely not a system seller anymore. jm2c

Saika3363d ago

When news of ME4 first came around, EA execs vowed to not have creative influence in the developer's workflow. Since then they've removed online passes, and proved that they sincerely hate the title of worst company ever. They only do it for profit, but still.

Who3366d ago

Is ME4 confirmed as a sequel and not a prequel?

colonel1793366d ago

I heard it was a completely different story, just in the Mass Effect universe.

ELpork3366d ago

If the loading screens in 3 were to be believed, I'd wager a guess as a sequel. But who knows.

Saika3365d ago

Way back when they released the extended cut ending, Bioware hosted an hour long BioCon lecture. Even back then, about a year ago now if I'm not mistaken, they said they were specifically listening to all our chatter and babble about our distaste for the ending and where we think they should take the series in the future. Basically what I'm trying to say is that they saw that one thing was clear: Mass Effect players do not want a prequel. I would almost guarantee, happily, that the game will most likely take place during or slightly after Shepherd's reign.

pheature3366d ago

i think there going to turn this into a game similar to deadspace 3 on which you can purchase with real cash anything u want.
i hope they dont go down that way as it will take some fun from it

BlakHavoc3366d ago

Loved Mass Effect 1-3, I'm sure 4 will be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.