UK retailer breaks GTA IV street date?

VG247: It would seem that ASDA in Alloa, Scotland just couldn't understand what "do not sell until Tuesday 29 April" means, as you can see quite clearly here. VG247's no idea if this is bogus or not but it certainly looks the part.

So there you go.


Morrisons has broken the date now too it seems. New link to picture to follow shortly.

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rucky3830d ago

i really should stop checking for GTA articles in this site. I envy =(

resistance1003830d ago

Dam why did i choose to stop shopping at Asda when Walmart brought them out >_<

Mike Bowden3830d ago

Looks like everyone's doing it now.

yesah3830d ago

Imagine, being the only retailer to have GTA IV even a day before the competition.....

SuperSaiyan43830d ago

When you get a big release like this people are gonna have itchy fingers and think by selling it early they will make all the money until they get fined...But strangely these companies still dont get it strange.

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