'Madden 25' & 'FIFA 14' on PS4: Online Team Play Confirmed

GoodGameBro writes,"While unboxing FIFA 14 on the PS4, we noticed information on the back of the box that confirms Online Team Play. While we've seen a variety of features touted for FIFA 14, it's been rather strange to see an omission for one of the game's largest online modes.

Now that copies of various Playstation 4 titles are now out in the wild, we've been able to confirm that FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25 both feature Online Team Play. We've included additional information as well specific to the Playstation 4 version."

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pheature3907d ago

i live be a pro.
it is one of the best features fifa has to offer aswell as ut.

good news

mikeslemonade3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

They need 11 vs 11 in Madden.

1. Ranking system
2. COD perk system
3. COD challange system
4. Character creation
5. Quitters lose rank and reputation

They can prevent the boring linemen positions by providing challenges and picking up rank.

If they do this right Madden will become the best selling game this generation.

Omegasyde3907d ago

No offense, who the #@%@5 would want to play on the line.

They would need to have mini-games or something and what do you do if one of your linemen suck and opens a hole in the pocket?

3 vs 3 seems legit. 1 player takes QB, another a RB and one a WR.

mikeslemonade3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Easy.. with rank, perk, and rep elements. If they don't block then there rep is dropped down and they will be only allowed to play against other low rep players.

I won't touch 3 vs 3. That's just a less organized 1 vs 1. With 11 vs 11 that would be a cool dynamic.

Commodore_3907d ago

I think Madden is the only EA sports game that doesn't have Online team play (2 players on ONE console vs others on another console online). It's always everyone needs their own console to play together online. Me and my friends anticipate that feature every year with no luck

90Supra3907d ago

Passed on Madden...

Just picked up KZ:SF, BF4, and ACIV at Target...

I'm all set for Friday......just need to pick up my console from gamestop @ midnight...


LiQuiZoN3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

FYI. BF4 is a horrible mess. It crashes on the PC constantly. The hit detection is terrible as well.
I'm trying to return my digital copy to EA Origins as we speak.

Either way, I will not be making another purchase form EA Origins ever again. I was a sucker this time, its my fault for trying something new. I'm terribly disappointed. I wouldn't even give EA your money.

Just trying to give you a heads up. And yes my PC and connection is not the issue.

EA doesn't even have a phone# to contact customer service. (atleast not in a visible spot) They really don't give a shit. Terrible company. This has been such a huge hassle. ugh...


EA SPORTS Releases Madden NFL 25 Gameplay Deep Dive

Hey Madden fans, welcome back to Gridiron Notes for Madden NFL 25!

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Gaming4Life198114h ago

I havent played Madden in a long time but this year looks good and ill try it out.


Madden NFL 25 New Gameplay Features for PS5, Xbox Series and PC Revealed, Closed Beta Kicks Off

EA has revealed the Madden NFL 25 new gameplay features incoming for the PS5, Xbox Series and PC versions, as the closed beta kicks off today.

GamerRN38d ago

Is there anything they can really do to fix this franchise?

just_looken38d ago

Though i agree the truth is that it always sells well and then millions are made in ultimate team.

GamerRN38d ago

Because there is no competition

just_looken38d ago


There was a CFL game to be tossed out crashed and burned but there is other football games just none are official nfl stuff.

CobraKai38d ago

NFL Gameday and NFL 2K really pushed Madden to be better

badboyz0938d ago (Edited 38d ago )

NFL gamers need to boycott which is very easy with the social media age we live in until than no. EA has a monopoly you want a better product to end the monopoly. get on twitter trending daily to the NFL.


Man I quit playing madden back in 2004 that was my boycott because I just got tired of the same thing, updated rosters. My boys still play Madden I'll pick up the sticks every now and then when I'm chilling at their houses but at my house, EA gets none of my money for Madden.

ActualWhiteMan20h ago

The last great madden was 2006. They havent been good since Gen 2


Madden 25 Is Set To Release On August 16th With Lots Of Pre Order Perks

EA Sports subtly announced the Madden 25 release date in their EA Sports College Football 25 announcement. The standard edition of Madden 25 will release on Friday, August 16th 2024. You can get early access starting on Tuesday, August 13th 2024 if you purchase the Deluxe or MVP editions of the game or if you […]

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CobraKai69d ago

Is Madden still a big deal? I remember how huge it was to have a console launch with a Madden title. Now it seems like no one cares

CrimsonWing6969d ago

I’m pretty sure Madden games sell like crazy at launch still.

Walalon38d ago

It's the CoD of Sport Games with FIFA