ESRB, NIMF Jointly Remind Parents that GTA IV is Not For Kids

The relationship between the National Institute on Media & the Family and the Entertainment Software Rating Board has often been a contentious one. But the two organizations have joined forces in the run-up to the Grand Theft Auto IV launch to remind parents that Rockstar's controversial game is not intended for younger players.

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Pornlord3828d ago

Honestly, compared to that idiot in the earlier post (forgive me for not having time to look at past posts, as I'm at work) this is a fair warning... it doens't mention God or killing police officers for points or nazi's or Barbara Streisand or anything like that... I agree.... that's how a game objection should be written, not an attack, a warning to parents to watch what their kids play and make sure it's age appropriate.. very nice!!

Polluted3828d ago

Agreed. Nothing wrong with a little warning to uninformed parents. So long as they aren't sending threatening letters to the publishers parents.

JadeTyrant3828d ago

and yet kids will still play this game