Grand Theft Auto 4's Physics Impress

GameAlmighty writes "Grand Theft Auto IV's physics haven't received much attention, but it's one of the first major titles to use the new Euphoria behavioral physics system. It was heavily touted in previews for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and will also power the dynamic tackles in the upcoming football game, BackBreaker. To get a quick idea of how fun the new physics can be, have a look at the following video"

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Varsarus3854d ago

Pretty much like Ragdoll

xjoshbx3854d ago

nothing like ragdoll. The body parts still have strain. Ragdoll everything is just flopping.

sammy_mantra3854d ago

EGM confirms that PS3 version of GTA4 is SLIGHTLY MORE VIBRANT and SHARP

Dark_Vendetta3854d ago

This pretty much shows the advantage of the Euphoria Physik system:

chaosatom3333854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

dude that was awesome. This should get like a 1000 degrees. The way that car and the bodies handle is awesome.


yesah3854d ago

i keep getting more and more hyped

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rucky3854d ago

Getting thrown around like that is way cooler than just dropping down on you back like you were smacked by a fly-swatter in the previous ones. Definitely a great physic upgrade.

Xanj3854d ago

Better hope Take 2 doesn't find that vid before Sunday...

I do think the Euphoria physics look way better than ragdoll. Bodies actually move realistically instead of flapping around randomly like there are no bones or muscles.

SUP3R3854d ago

Actually at the bottom it says, "Hopefully they'll send more videos our way shortly" it could mean that it was sent by R*, maybe.

Euphoria FTW!

danarc3854d ago

I just want to know if the car took the door off (at the end).

Milky3854d ago

This will be the only reason I will buy gta iv lol.

RealTimeWeaponChange3854d ago

nice. 360 is looking great. ps3 will have glitches like COD4 lol.

xtreampro3854d ago

HUH!!?????....WHAT THE HELL are u talking about. nearly every site has said that the Xbox version has frame rate problems, looks cartoony, and the trailer with flying cars in the X BOX 3 6 0 VERSION, haaa-ha ha-haaaa-ha yoouuu caaant taaaake iit

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