GTA IV Exclusive Niko Trailer

Get a glimpse of the man you're going to be spending a lot of time with.

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Coke-a-Cola3917d ago

No wonder Rockstar wants to keep early leaks out of the public eye build instead one solid vision and wave towards release.

Time Lord3917d ago

Will soon become iconic Game character..I want action figures!

NO_PUDding3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Awesome music, and awesome new appraoch. This is a much more mature game. An much more their own game, it's not influenced by other movies, it's like it's try to make it's own. It's like one of those contemporary Film4 films.

But look at that ugly aliasing.... That's awful.

Vip3r3917d ago

It's just the SD version of the video. If you watch the HD version there's no jaggies in sight.

crunchie1013917d ago

This is my favourite trailer so far since the very first one

solar3917d ago

yes...very good. love the tune also. and we get a lil glimpse at Niko..."a person who can do this...doesnt have a soul". wonder how many internal struggles we will encounter...

CrazyMystical3917d ago

2nd best trailer next to "good lord"

tweaker3917d ago

I'm going to be looking in every local game store if they break street date. I want this game ASAP!

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