Crysis Delayed To April 2007

The highly anticipated PC shooter Crysis has been delayed to April 2007, EA revealed during an investor conference this week. Originally scheduled for a Q4 2006 release, Crysis was going to be the first major PC title using DirectX 10, resulting in stunning visuals. EA said Crysis would be released in the 12 moths after this fiscal year, making April 2007 the earliest possible release date.

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kmis874789d ago

Actually, April is the earliest date. It could be anytime after that in fiscal 2008. :(

bumnut4789d ago

it gives me some time to save up for a new pc to play it on

THWIP4789d ago

...since it never had an official release date to begin with. Just like with Gears of War, this game will ship when it is 100% done and flawless, and not a day sooner. Besides, more time, means a higher likelihood of them working on PS3/360 versions. ;)

The_Firestarter4788d ago

I want this game so badly! T_T It's ok. :P I'll wait, I have the patience.