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Top Ten: Aggravating Things That Need To DIE Next-Gen

Dealspwn: "The PS4 and Xbox One are just scant days away, heralding a brand new age of gaming goodness, and the promise of a new wave of exceptional titles.

However, before the PS4 and Xbox One move in, they'll have to clean house.

This generation has seen any number of stupid design decisions, awful consumer-hurting business practices and downright lazy omissions seep into videogames - that we'd like to see killed off in their entirety going forward. Here are ten of the most deserving offenders that, frankly, should be first against the wall."

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Blues Cowboy1804d ago
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SpinalRemains1381804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Yeah the QTE needs to die.

I'm either watching a cut scene or playing the game. Cut the crap with the inserting of the button press during a cut scene. Its bush league.

A death in a game should be due to lack of skill or by being defeated fairly. Not because the dev tricked you. That's just what I think though.

Prime1571804d ago

Ha! I know. Half the time I get done with the gameplay segment, drop the controller to "relax" a little, and then a button prompt jumps on to the screen and I die... :(

stavrami1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

my next gen wish to die list ???free 2 play that is all.

Prime1571804d ago

I feel like F2P is good and bad and it comes down to the company providing the game. So, I don't think it needs to die (but some companies in F2P do), just consumers need to be aware of what they are getting into.

It really just comes down to getting the feel of the ones that are just trying to steal your money (dragon's nest, Rohan) vs the one's that actually offer a quality free to play experience (WarFrame, Planetside2).

stavrami1804d ago

no company builds a 1 million or 10 million dollar game and do it out of kindness. they expect a return gameplay in f2p games is designed at some stage to take your cash .so straight away gameplay is not as good as a game you would buy and own . spartacus could of been a great triple A title instead it come out looking like the ass end of a c64 game . there is some good looking f2p games I've seen i love the look of war thunder but as much as i do i would rather give the devs £50 than buy a plane here a plane there

Blues Cowboy1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Totally disagree. F2P is advancing all the time, and when done right, it's basically Pay What You Want. You choose which bits of a great game you want, or decide to effectively donate to thank the devs for their work.

Take Planetside 2. I played it for 25 hours without paying a penny, and had access to every class, vehicle and upgrade - either unlocked from the geo-go or with in-game currency. I decided to spend a few quid on a cool-looking hat just because I felt SOE deserved it.

As Prime157 says, it call comes down to the specific game and developers. I think we'll keep seeing bigger and better things from F2P personally.

stavrami1804d ago

Do you also feel that had planetside 2 not been f2p they would of made the game better?

Prime1571804d ago

I would like to see more cross platform. Portal 2, if Dungeon defenders had ever lived up to their promise of it that would have been nice.

SeraphimBlade1804d ago

@ #7, waitwaitwait, you're telling me Ken's Rage, the game based on FIST OF THE G**DAMN NORTH STAR (a.k.a. Punching Things: the animated series) had a stealth section in it?!

Sadist31804d ago

Horrible AI needs to go, but looking at Assassin's Creed and Killzone I guess stupid AI isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

dcj05241804d ago

Shadow Fall's AI is pretty smart.