SPOnG Interview: Square-Enix Talks Crisis Core

"I don't even bother translating one question anymore," laughs Square's interpreter, shortly after SPOnG's interview with Yoshinori Kitase and Hideki Imaizumi, respectively the Executive Producer and Producer of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core "they know the word 'remake' by now."

Such is the voracious global appetite for the Final Fantasy VII universe: with this long-awaited prequel to the original not yet internationally released, the press are already clamouring for news of yet more from the collection.

So, now SPOnG get to figure the inner workings of the brains behind their obsession.

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Tony240ZT3831d ago

.."gamers in the US and Europe, as a general rule, tend to play more games of a higher level of difficulty than those found in Japan"..

I actually was not aware of this fact. This coming from square must hold a lot of weight.

Reibooi3830d ago

Funny how they say We have more hardcore gamers in the US and Europe but the hardest games still come from japan like Ninja Gaiden lol