Mass Effect PC presentation and one-on-one with Ray Muzyka – streaming audio and new shots

VG247: The PC version of Mass Effect looks amazing. EA showed the game off at its spring showcase today in London, the presentation being handled by BioWare boss Ray Muzyka himself.

The site has streaming audio of the presentation and a sound file of a 10-minute one-on-one with Muzyka talking about Sonic Chronicles, Dragon Age and being bought by EA.

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warhawk12343854d ago

Awesome find I loved mass effect on the 360 my dad told my about it coming to the pc so he might get it finally he is upgradeing to the future.

Richdad3854d ago

The game looks similar to 360 version I played but there where certain lags and glitches during game which stopped it from getting points for graphics or it looked better than Gears or Bioshock and this will take game to new levels.

NOTORIOUSzeke3854d ago

I wish it were coming to PS3 so i could play it.

Strife Lives3854d ago

Played it to death. Currently playing it on insane. What makes the cinematic better, is having it a few feet away on a 50inch lcd and me sitting on a big comfy couch. Pc version, i dnt think its a good idea. U see, MSFT,if its 360 exclusive,keep it 360. Will we ever see an Age Of Empires game on 360? Prolly never.