Madden NFL 09 Cover Art with Brett Favre + Screens

A look at the Xbox 360 cover art with Favre, plus 3 screenshots featuring Favre.

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BigKev453855d ago

I think I'll pick this one up.

PS360WII3855d ago

Sniff it's so beautiful ^^

ohnoTheRancor3855d ago

i'm not saying EA is racist, or anything... but this is the first white guy on the cover since John Madden himself!

i wonder if they'll ever pick an non-retired white guy!!

[NOTE: i'm being sarcastic!]

Grown Folks Talk3855d ago

Jason Sehorn or Ed McCaffrey on there (when they played for the Giants of course). Or at least the greatest TE in history Mark Bavarro.

christopher64533855d ago

I've spent my entire football watching career hating Mr. Favre, but I know that he is a Hall of Fame player, and deserves this "special treatment."

Hey, atleast there isn't any chance of any current player getting "the CURSE of the cover."

ban fans3855d ago

He deserves this honor and many more. I'm not a Green Bay fan, but Farve is amazing. A "average" guy who made it big doing whatever he had to win the game (without cheating!). When he joined the NFL, he didn't even know what they meant by a nickel or dime defence! That's great!

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