Sony's Music Unlimited Service Will Let Users Play Music While Gaming

Sony's Music Unlimited service will let users stream music while they play games, according to Sony's director of music services Anu Kirk. Kirk also clarified that the available of the service has nothing to do with the PS4 not supporting CD and MP3 playback.

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JoGam1800d ago

I'm really enjoying the music service. Sony have me a year subscription for $12 a year ago. They just sent me an email to renew for $3 for three months. Thats $1 a month. Great deal Sony.

Thehyph1800d ago

I'm on my second free month trial, and it's much better than when I used it the first time. (14 months ago) My only beef with it is some content that I want is not there. The android app is good, and the iOS app is not too bad, either.
One subscription allows you to authorize three (I think) devices for offline playback. Also, they don't seem to care when more than one device is streaming from the same SEN account.
My girlfriend and I can both use it at the same time, and both of our phones can save music to be played offline.

As for a subscription, I'm not decided if I will pay for it yet.

ABizzel11800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Agreed it's actually a cool service, when I used it . The problem has always IMO been the pricing.

The value I place on music is less than what I place on movies, so a $10/mo. subscription music service just doesn't do it for me compared to a $10/mo. video service.

I guess it's because most radio music sucks nowadays, a lot of the music I listen to comes from unsigned artist, and I'm a part time audio engineer so I get to make music for a living.

They need to make it $10 - $15/mo. for the music and video unlimited and instead of buying and renting let people stream. When I watch a movie I'm done, unless it become a favorite (then I buy it), so give people the option to do both. That would be a service I could subscribe to nothing less.

I know there are some free movies, songs, and TV shows, but they need to bring streaming to the forefront of the service and allow you to buy and keep your favorite movies. Renting films are a thing of the pass unless you're Redbox ($1 is a great price).

Sony Unlimited:

$10 - $15 per month.
Stream millions of albums, or buy them
Stream thousands of movies / videos / TV shows, or buy them

(Advertisements help pay for service)

Thehyph1800d ago

Yep. The problem IS the pricing. Unfortunately, it's one of the better music services available in Canada. Licensing has always been a problem here, and it shows with the lack of Pandora, Spotify, Google Music, and others.

Bundi1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

For a price
$5 a month in addition to ps plus? Lol not a great deal Sony.

SirBradders1800d ago

for $60 a year to access to all the latest tunes your actually saving yourself potentially thousands if your heavy into music. If you want to be cheeky you could get some good recording and converting software and put 2 and 2 together ;-).

Im not heavy into music so i won't be buying it but it does seem a great service when i trialled it for free a year ago.

Bundi1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Or, these console makers could let me plug in my flash drive and play my own music from there instead of removing the feature to funnel me towards their subscription service. -__-

Edit: yoshi didn't confirm anything. It was just some nameless sony rep who said it will be there. Until higher management says so, I'm sceptical.

SirBradders1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I totally agree but my comment is based on a service they are providing.
Im almost certain yoshi has already stated they are allowing it in the 2nd update so there shouldn't be a worry there.

Baka-akaB1800d ago

I agree that it should always be there , in the first place , but it seems it will in an update so , in the mean time , i'm calm .

Nitrowolf21800d ago

honestly I say wait till December or their Christmas Sale to subscribe. Last year I got it for $12 for the whole eyar casue of their sale

mcstorm1800d ago

It depends how you look at it. I pay £8.99 a month for xbox music pass but that is used on my xbox, Surface RT, My Lumia 1020 my other half's Lumia 925 and a Zune we still have. We spent a lot on music in the past but having a music pass that works with all your devices it is a far better deal than spending £10 per album.

Bundi1800d ago

Here is how I look at it, my xbox 360 and ps3 both play audio cd and mp3s. I expect my upgraded next gen consoles to at the very least be able to do the same so that I can play my own paid for music without paying anyone monthly/yearly.

mcstorm1800d ago

@Bundi I agree with that but what I am saying is that paying £8.99 a month is worth throwing out all my cd's as I have access to all this music on my Xbox, Surface, Phone and MP3 Player. Its each to there own but I would often buy 3 Albums a month where with a subscription service I can have more or less any album/song I want synced across all the devices I use.

stavrami1800d ago

boooooo this means people's shitty choice in music being forced on me through there mic while online gaming :-/

Baka-akaB1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

You can't prevent people from being idiots , that's a not a reason to refuse features .

People can still tune up some radio or music from their phones for the same if not worse effect

stavrami1800d ago

i think you misunderstand i have not refused anything other than listening to other peoples music THAT IS NOT A ADDED FEATURE

stavrami1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

yea i know but this can be a nuisance if u are playing a mp game that switches players at the end of the round, but you are right still at least they can be blocked

PR_FROM_OHIO1800d ago

WOW this is a pretty cool feature!

Bundi1800d ago

Seriously? Man being a single gaming machine owner robs you of some of the most basic features.
I cannot imagine getting excited about being able to do what a current gen console has been able to do for 7 years now...without the extra charge.

I do get excitable however when you try take away features so you can charge for them!

Thomaticus1800d ago

I really feel that the ability to listen to music while gaming should be free.

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