Shuhei Yoshida on software and tough decisions leading up to PS4

With the PlayStation 4 around the corner, Gamasutra sat down with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida to get a bead on what his strategy for Sony's software development organization is as the next gen begins to unfold.

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Ultra2901d ago

"People get upset when they talk about we have allocated lots of memory, for example, for system software,"

"This is to make all the playing and using PS4 around games -- whether it's background recording, or background download, or remote play -- to make all these things great. It's not necessarily the best choice to give everything to game developers. We learned from PS3 experience."

"We hope that we continue to add more feature and social media options at the system level, so that developers find it easier to support,"

How big are those media features going to take PS4 memory? Gamers really want to know this too.

colonel1792901d ago

I think that Yoshida means that by restricting memory to developers they have room for expanding the OS. However, I think that when games start to grow, and adding features on the PS4 start to decrease, developers will have the memory back. With the PS3, Sony gave the memory to developers, but because of that, they were unable to add features like cross game chat or a proper in game XMB. With this new strategy it will be beneficial for both the UI team and developers

Also, the UI will surely be optimized over time to be able to use less memory and be more efficient so that developers can have the memory for games. After all, they won't need to use that much memory until 3 or 4 years after release, when they begin to really utilize the PS4 power.

Persistantthug2901d ago

bed time,
So I'll read this interview tomorrow.

fOrlOnhOpe572901d ago

Its always the games that sell the PlayStation platform, for me personally. The quality, quantity and variety across genres is unrivalled.

2900d ago
colonel1792901d ago

I don't get why journalists and some other people insist that mobile devices will bring the end to consoles. It's not the case and they are different markets. They believe that since everyone has a phone, people will choose to play on it, instead of buying a PS4 or Xbox One, or whatever. That is false. People who buy a console is because they want the best in technology. They are looking for great experiences, whether is single player games, multiplayer, or F2P games. Games on mobile devices are just fun bites that are great for short periods of time, but they will never have the substance nor the technology that a computer game or a console game will always have. Even though technology is advancing rapidly in mobile devices, and now we will start to see PS3 quality games on them, they will always be behind in technology and interface for the real gaming public.

Games that sell incredibly well in mobile like Angry Birds, are exceptions, and there is no way that we will see a constant trend of having great selling software in mobile like there is in consoles anytime soon.

SirBradders2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

We will see playstation quality graphics but at the cost of extremely small environments, no great story, crappy controls, the pay to win model and low development costs.
So no we wont have last gen console quality games for a long time because the whole market is flooded with all the crap you see.

Their are a rare few good devs on the mobile market but even they get influenced by greed eventually 99% of mankind are easily suseptible to the taint of cash, once that happens you get games designed around solely for taking your money.

mistertwoturbo2900d ago

The reason there's that train of thought is because of analyst non gamers who see a number like "angry birds downloaded 30 million times" automatically assume it's the end of dedicated games consoles.

I don't ever see dedicated games console going anywhere time soon, but dedicated gaming hand helds have been on a decline since mobile gaming.

lazyboyblue2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I think any notion of mobile gaming killing the console has been killed off by the sheer numbers of next gen preorders we've been seeing. Even the xbox one, which we all know lags behind ps4 in pre sales, is well ahead of its predecessor the 360 in orders.

Furthermore, it seems mobile gaming might actually be an asset to the console experience going forward, with most developer's embracing the idea of companion apps for high profile games.

Console gaming is in a good place right now.