PSU: Hands-on with Killzone: Shadow Fall: a launch title legend in the making.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the launch title PlayStation deserves.

sigfredod3755d ago

This game is truly next gen, the level of detail is insane

SpinalRemains1383755d ago

Agreed. I have seen the game first hand and it is the nicest looking console game I have ever seen.

Xsilver3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

KZSF is just amazing \(O.O)/ http://i.minus.com/i7JAVkLO...

mochachino3755d ago

Holy shi that looks like a movie.

Neonridr3755d ago

in all fairness that could just be a cutscene from the game.

Regardless, still looks impressive.

fpshooter23755d ago


Good God!!!! Man that is unbelievable. Only a couple more days until its in my living room.

DoesUs3755d ago

The launch trailer is incredible! Spoilers but holy hell. Most visually impressive launch title bar none. Its THAT good!

heliumhead20303755d ago

This game is a crysis clone


Sarcasm3755d ago

lol is that all you could come up with, just wait to play your precious Xbox 720p

FANTA11803755d ago

im not sure you guys understand this but theres games on both consoles that arent 1080p/60fps and some that are ...

so xbox 720 is not that funny.

be more clever.

Sarcasm3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

^The only confirmed game that isn't 1080p on the PS4 is Battlefield 4.

On the X1 more than half is 720p.

sigfredod3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Really? want real facts?: Killzone Release date(s)PlayStation 2
NA November 2, 2004
Crysis Release date(s) Microsoft Windows
NA November 13, 2007
Try harder

Agent20093755d ago

He doesn't live in a cave - he most probably knows which game came out first. He's just playing with you, PS fanboys.

I_am_Batman3755d ago

Yeah. Because Crysis is such a great game right?

Neonridr3755d ago

Actually the first Crysis was a really great game. It was the sequels that tainted the franchise.

chrissx3755d ago

Imagine a launch game being this good. The future of nextgen console gaming rests on Ps4s hands